Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To the Beach

We're setting a record this year for beach trips this being number two and there's the meeting one planned for Sept 6th. This day was not so bright and sunny and there was wind since we went to Canon Beach which lacks the handy rock wind barrier, but it was still the beach with sand and scenery. I recently upgraded my broken Canon Powershot for a new one and this was a great place to try out it's pros and cons.

A bird rock and lighthouse I found with the zoom some where far out in the waves.

Kate and Phi were delighted to see each other with so much sand around.

P: "Kate, your pants look sooo clean!"

K: "Yes, don't touch them I'm trying to keep them that way."

"Just a little scoop here, she'll never suspect"

"HeeHeee! fixed that problem"
"Grandpa told me to Mom"
Sandcastle fun!
So Kate's Mommy and I decided to make a sadcastle.. oops, typo there, but I guess that is what it looks like...
hey we were just getting started!
The progress continued...

"Woohoo! now we're talkin' sand pile."
A bit of this and...

a bit of that...

it's Haystack Rock !

A few drip castles...


A pat here and there...
And a golf ball??
Yes indeed this is golf ball run castle. You make smooth little golf ball size tracks all over the castle starting high up of course and then run golf balls down them and see were they go.

Meanwhile our husbands sat up in they're chairs contemplating what may have come over their wives?!!?
See a certain Granpa Allen and Gramma Dee taught their son and his 7 siblings how to have fun at the beach. He then taught his 5 munchkins who have a hard time convincing any one else that a bit of work and creativity equal alot of fun and satifaction.

We ended the day with dinner at Mo's chowder house which was very busy (long waits) but also delicious.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Daddy and Me

It all started one Saturday morning when
Daddy got out his computer to play, I mean work,

it was just Daddy and Me...

But I think I got too excited..oops sorry Dad,

So that's how it ended up just Me.

At least I got the mouse part down...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy and Healthy

Both boys had there well-child visits yesterday and seem to be growing well. Phi is 18 months on the 7th of this month and measured 33.5 inches and 25.5 lbs. He got his 18 months DTAP booster in the upper arm and today it's very warm, red and swollen. He isn't complaining but I called the nurse and she said to do ice if he'd hold still and tylenol for swelling and pain if he complained.

He still does his binky but we're working on just using it for for nap and bed time. (A great idea I got from Katie's blog.) Sunday I realized he's saying "see ya" for good bye when he told that to Grandpa. He also uses the same thing when he plays pee-a-boo. "See ya", "see ya" as he covers and uncovers his eyes. I don't know if that means he thinks all of him is hiding behind his hands or what.?. He also likes to wave and call "hi" to all the cars that drive past when we're working in the front yard. The doctor did say yesterday that he could see two of Phi's eye teeth on their way in. That was some what of a relief to me as his been fussing a lot lately and I keep thinking the teeth were coming in and still nothing. Not that that's the only reason he's fussing as he definitely has a mind of his own and uses it, but he can be so jolly most of the time it's no fun when he grumps.

Little Mr. Leroy is trying to catch up with big brother he weighed 15.8 lb.s and is 25.5 inches tall.
Actually I just looked up big brothers charts from that age and they are very close to the same.
15.12lbs and 26.25 inches. Amazing how much they look alike but then they are brothers I guess.
Big brother at 5 months
Leroy has been doing pretty good about sitting up and now likes his tummy OK for a short amount of time. He'll do push ups while laying there, something his brother never did at his age. Also he's getting awfully good at rolling over, and is always telling us about something. His smile is still most infectious. And he's again after a few relapses slept through the night from 9:30 to 8:00 am last night. Although both of them slept in this morning longer than usual probably from their big day yesterday. Leroy had to get 4 boosters to big brothers 2 and he didn't even start crying until the last one. He seems to be handling his fine with no problems. Our tough little man.
He's 5 and a half months now and will be 6 months on the 21st. Time is gliding swiftly by!!