Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Snowy Week

Finally some pictures from the last time the camera batteries worked. Twas' the the weekend before Thanksgiving actually, and we got to enjoy it at Chatty and the Mr.'s place. We arrived Friday evening just before this storm hit and woke up to this in the morning. The little men were quite worried that our van windows were covered. "How are we going to see out!?! We will have to clean them off." -Phi

Even the covered porch was "covered" in snow because of the wind.

This one's compliments of Chatty who grab my camera at just the right moment! :)

They were quite amazed and excited as it's the first snow most of them have any memory of except Phi.

Once the proper attire was found they had a blast.

Jeffy was not so sure of it, being it was at least 4-6 inches in most places and deeper were it drifted. After falling over several times he was ready to be done with it.

The guys chatting it up on the porch. (Do guys chat or would that be jabbering?? Discussing, discussing, that's it!) :) The sunshine was lovely here but once we got into town it was too chilly to enjoy much out of doors.

Phi was litterly rolling in the stuff as though he were in the sand at the beach or something.

Chatty got out some beach toys and the boys loved it. We headed for home Sunday with just a dusting farther South but more falling as we drove, later in the day.

At some point that week we were home and got this light dusting of our own to enjoy, much to the small men's delight.

They made this arrangement themselves, always gotta' have some challenge.

Half a week home and then we were off to Kate n Taeo's house for Thanksgiving and more snow. Somehow I managed to get all snow pic's and no indoor scenes. But, this I once again blame on my batteries which dejuiced this first day and I never took the time/ had the energy to get new ones the rest the weekend.

So here's Taeo thinking it looks like a lot of fun out there!!!

They were following Grampa's trails in the park, then Phi decided to head out as the "snowplow."

It was quite deep were it drifted and soo cold that it didn't pack real well.

"This stuff is overrated Mom, Can I go back in yet?!"

It was nap time and he was so snuggled up in his snow clothes that he nearly went to sleep before we got him out here. Jeffy had decided he'd had enough snow the last weekend and wouldn't go out in it without a fuss.

Shovels and a truck kept them busy for a while till the big people came out and built a sled trail.

Thankfully in all our travels the Lord graciously gave us good roads as we do not have a 4x4.

So that's been our snow thus far this season, though Phi keeps hoping for more around our house. And I wouldn't mind it either now that we're home safe and sound! :)

PS: The lovely new format is thanks to Mr Tech. I'm so dense right now that it took him looking at it to realize that the previous background had expired and that's why there was an annoying box in the middle of the screen when you tried to read it!!! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Only a boy...

Be warned, don't read this if you are at all squeamish!!

So we're heading out to Grampa and Gramma's for dinner on a lovely Sunday afternoon, when from the back seat Phi calls, " Mom, Leroy ate a booger".
Mom (thinking OK gross, but whatever) asks: "Leroy why did you do that??"
Phi (fills in for him in his tattletale voice): " Well I took one out of my nose, and I put it right here (pointing to spot on pant leg) and he took it and when I tried to get it back he put it in his mouth and ate it."
Groan! Gasp! Gag!
The joys of boys! ;P

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello again!

I've been hoping to do a catch up post on the last 6 months going on 7 with a few pictures. But due to the fact that we recently got a new computer, I don't know where they are currently. That's my excuse anyway, so I'll just jabber a bit about what's been happening in our lives. I suppose the biggest item and soon to fill a large part of our days is the little one we expect to make an appearance around the January 19th, 2011! That's all of 5 weeks away which is rather startling and exciting at the same time. This pregnancy has been much like the last with a lot of struggles, the first 4 months I had tons of nausea and cramping so we didn't end up telling anybody until we were almost 18 weeks. Finally around that time we realized there were lots of intestinal issues going on so got on track with some supplements for that and it made a big difference until about 25 weeks when we found that the thyroid was acting up again and iron levels were low again as well... so energy has been greatly lacking but D-day is near! :D
I s'pose the next biggest event in our lives which is old news to most, was that my littlest brother got married in June, in Illinois, in the hottest part of the summer there. Well maybe not hottest but it was the first time I had experienced humidity and being about 2 and a half months into this pregnancy and feeling rotten didn't help. I'm sooo glad for pictures cause it was a blur for me though I wouldn't have missed it for any thing!!! We are very thankful for A. Ruth!!
Third on the list of most relevant would be that Mr .Tech branched out on his own back in the end of August . Something he's wanted to do for years but never felt the timing was quite right until now. This may sound a little absurd, as in how would the time seem right, now with the economy in a recession and our fourth child on the way?!? But, it did and it's been awesome!! He's been as busy or busier than before but able to be around more in the mornings when the boys wake up instead of the strict 8:00 to 5:00 of before, and of course we've all loved it! Mr. Tech loves the freedom of it and we've benefited from much more Daddy time most weeks!!!
The most recent happening is a relative of Mr. Techs who also happens to be a general contractor with time to work on our basement!! Yippee, we might accually get to use it one of these days!! For the last five years it hasn't been usable other than the washer and dryer. Once finished it will have a bathroom, two bedrooms plus a big multipurpose room for the kids to run off energy in!!! Can you see why I might be a little excited. Laundry can even remain down there (temporarily of course ;D) instead of up here on the couch!! The possibilities are many!
So that brings us to the here and now which is currently dinner time for us, the intent is to get some recent pictures on here soon. Hope to be back soon.