Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week O

Our Week O has been a bit random it seems. We caught up on our letter writing from the past two weeks.

O for this week

N for the week before.

And M which kept wanting to look like an N.

We caught up on tracing and cutting too which also assisted us with our numbers as we had to follow 1 first and then 2 up to 3.

A bit random I say as we got a head start on week P with some painting.

And were shown some gracious hospitality by the H family one evening where we got to play with the cutest little fur balls you've ever seen!

He looks just like one we had growing up that we called Rascal.

So fun, but only cause we were visiting and not taking care of them everyday!

Becca graciously entertained the little men all evening with stories and some tractors and trailers and popcorn seeds! Very creative and they loved it!

We wanted to go to the Ocean for a day by with everything going on in our lives right now it was too far. We ended up at our favorite spot along the Columbia (which flows to the Ocean) Overlooking a surprise of dump trucks, a digger, a bulldozer and boats, much to the little men's delight.

And the airport on the other side with planes taking off into the beautiful blue sky and Mt. Hood.

The dump trucks were coming and going quite quickly taking dirt away. It will be interesting to see what goes in there.

And you may wonder what Lukey has to do with Week O!? The sad part is nothing.
We had this conversation one morning about a week ago:

Mommy and Phi looking at our blue fishy floating in the bowl.

Mommy: "I think Lukey died Phi."
Phi: "Shall we feed him?"
Mommy: "No, he's not alive any more."
Phi: "Shall we flush him down the toilet?"
Daddy took care of that part.

So, meet Obadiah,

whom we hope will fair better than Lukey.

We had Oranges and Orange Juice and picked the Olives Off our combination pizza at Costco. :)
We read about 2 Othneils and also the Open tomb of Our LORD and the Open gates and doors for Peter in Acts 12 when the LORD brought him out of prison by HIS angel.

Our verse:
O give thanks, unto the LORD for HE is good, for HIS mercy endureth forever. PS. 136:1

We saw videos about Ostrich, Otter, and Owls. And watched for Osprey along the river.

So with much business we head into week P with Plenty of Packing and Painting to go along with it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week N

It's been a week that was hard to find inspiration for. We focused on Numbers a little just 1-10 and will continue those. We had some fun Bible stories Naaman the leper, Noah and the ark, and Nehamiah the cup-bearer. Our verse ended up being : Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name, under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12
We held up four fingers as we were saying the reference to help remember what the number was and Phi made it part of his routine when he said it in Sunday School much the other kids amusement.
We also had Noodles and Nuts (pistachios) but no pictures of them. We talked about Neighbors and Necks. We focused on Noses and Nostrils ...because all three boys had a cold all week. :P And one night while I was busy making supper Phi and Leroy began conducting scientific experiments of their own.
Phi's involved seeing what would happen if you took all the screws out of the door handle ...

and surrounding fixtures.

Leroy on the other hand decided to see at what ratio toilet paper would exceed the amount of water in a quart jar if the jar was half full. Brilliant! :) Sad to say his mother cut his experimenting short, since we need TP for more useful things... (we actually got some TP free this week thanks to Aunt Cornelia and her coupon sharing. Along with lots of diapers for only 2.99 per 30 down from $13.99-$9.99 the usual prices)

We worked on the New fence project.

Dug up some Night crawlers the only critter we could think of besides Newt.

And found these Nasty little spiders crawling out of the old fence boards. EEEW they still sorta give me the shudders, they're so creepy looking. Thankfully they were very slow crawlers and not the speedy ones that are places you don't want them before you can get away.

They acted and looked very much like crabs minus the pinchers so I call them crab spiders but have yet to look them up. That's a finger for size.

The little men enjoying the yard inspite of the weather.

Finding strange things to amuse themselves.

Very strange, he used to be afraid of heights but seems to be overcoming that one.

And for Sunday morning we dressed up Nicely.

And had our morning coffee to keep us feeling Normal. :)
Actually that's his berry breakfast smoothie in a coffee cup. I did it that way for them a while back to help keep it from being so messy and now they don't like it any other way of course.

So we're just passed half way there, still enjoying it and finding it a challenge to keep working it in. No breaks aloud or we may just not get started again. :) On to O and lots of packing and painting.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week M was a busy week we started off Mailing some Mail to Kate.

In the Mailbox of course.

We had some cookies and Milk in that order. :)
We also had both Blueberry and Cranberry Bran Muffins.

And then it got very busy with some Major projects around the house.

I'll have to post some before and afters once it's completed. We're working on putting the house on the Market.




We took a Mini vacation for Mr. Tech's work down to Medford and got to spend a night in a Chalet in Klamath Falls. We went over Mt. Hood but couldn't see it because of the weather.
I told Phi we were going to drive "over the Mountain" and he wasn't to sure about that until we explained that we were not going to go over the point but around the side. :)

My Men little and big.

Klamath Falls had a little snow and when we stopped for groceries at Safeway there was a "monster" truck crawling up the side of one of the mounds on the edge of the parking lot. Phi decided that looked like fun and wanted to do it too. I told him we needed bigger tires to be able to do that and he then began campaigning to get big tires put on the van. We sufficed him with the thought that he would have to go in U. Dave or U. AJ's trucks some time to go mountain climbing.

The Chalet.

Our M person tho' there's many more we thought about but don't have pictures of.

Phi enjoying the pool at the hotel for the first time, while Leroy did not this time!

Some M nM's that we used to make chocolate kiss pretzel snacks with M n M's for decoration.

Our Verse: Many O Lord, my God are Thy wonderful works which Thou hast done... Ps. 40:5

We read about some Miracles and Multitudes.

Animals were: Moose, Moles, and Marmot

They bounced on the Mattress and we wanted to play with Marbles but never got a good chance.
We spent all day Sunday at "Meeting." Multnomah Falls was also on the list but we didn't get to that one either. There is a lot going on in our lives these days and we are trying to prioritize...daily.
Week N is already half gone now but we've worked it in here and there.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week L

Week L we've Learned a Lot! It took a little while to get going with the week and then by the end we nearly didn't finish every thing we thought of.
Our L in writing.

We made Loaves of bread...

mini Loaves to make it more special.

We fed Lukey (something we do every day not just this week ) :)

We had Lots of Laughs with this Little man around, pulling himself up on everything and thinking he's big stuff!

We got Licorice.

And made a Licorice L.

We measured things to see how Long they were.

For a craft we did finger print Ladybugs. Something we got off the Illinois state web site and have been saving for this week. Two red finger prints made with finger paint and then when it's dry you draw in the extras with a black marker.

We also had lettuce, something Phi actually thinks is quite good. How he came up with that idea I know not?!

And around the house we had Loads of Laundry! As you can see it's getting bad enough to gobble up the little men. Actually they were pretending they were falling off a mountain. Ha! I think it's time to fold some Laundry!

Here's how Phi "folds" a face clothe,

Deep concentration,

and ta-da. Guess I should start keeping them in a basket so this method would work. :D

We also made a Lego L, which is hollow down the middle because...

It becomes a Lane to drive cars down. Oops!

We read our very cute Lamb story and our Lady bug counting book. and played follow the Leader. The boys Loved that one and wanted to do it every day since Mommy did whatever Phi did!

Our verse : Love one another as I have loved you... John 15:12

We sang "this Little Light of mine"

And studied some of the Life of our Lord Jesus while he was here in this world.

For Animals we learned a little about Lions, Lambs, Leopards, Lemurs and Llamas.

We talked about Legs and Lips, and also some opposites as there are tons of them that start with L.
Left vs. Right
Little vs. Big
Low vs. High
Long vs. Short
Less vs. More
Loud vs. Quiet (Leroy's favorite cause we whispered "quiet".)
Last vs. First
Light vs. Dark
Large vs. Small

I am never sure how much is sinking in but was encouraged when Phi came up with all on his own, " Does cousin Laura start with L?"

Some laughs from the week,

Phi from the back of the van playing with Jeffy:

"My little brothers cute!" ( I think he heard someone else say that one.)

Leroy, as we were driving in the country was looking out the window informing us what he was seeing. Most of it was normal things like "blue trucks" and "boats" and such like until we came to a horse. "Elephant", he bellows from the back, "Deer"! We laugh. Then we come to the Emu farm, "Chickadee"!
We wanted to go to a Lake but never got that far, anything close around here is no more than a pond. And so we March on to Week M. Thanks for the ideas Gwynne!