Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1 month

Time certainly has been passing faster these days, it was a surprise to realize this little lady was a month old last Sunday!

Her most devoted caretaker...he goes running when she cries with an
exclamation of "uh-oh Ulia." He is actually very handy at putting her binky in for her. :)

Hanging out with Daddy and the boys after bath time one night watching Daddy draw pictures on his Slate.

Sweet dreams...she still is not smiling directly at people but getting closer everyday. She will look pleasant but that's as far as it gets.

Our little Juli-bean with her wild mop, this is how it looks after a bath and it's pretty hard to get it under control.

Thoughtfully sleeping...

Bruder Leroy had a birthday this month and turned 3!!

He requested a train cake which is exactly what he had last year but that made it easy for me. Brownies and MnM's make it easy and delish...

Here's everybody helping with the "car shooter" Uncle AJ and Aunt Ruth gave him.

And this little lady can't wait to see her cousins and Aunt and Uncle who are coming to see her for the first time!

"My who"

"Oh those ones"

"I'll try to look proper"

"No cross eyed stuff and all"

We'll be very pleased to see you"

"Good night for now"

Things have gone so well thus far with four, we have our busy times on occasion when several of them need attention at once. But most days are pretty much the same as before with a little extra time taken for feedings and such. The boys all love her to pieces and often request to give her hugs and kisses. She does love to be held which can be challenging but is also a pretty good sleeper most days so we get quite a bit done during those times All in all we have been very blessed!!