Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's pretty fun stuff, especially when you have a Sister in law who's really good at it and clues you in on all the great deals!! Thank you Coca!
Today we ran around and got these great deals:
3lb.s of Turkey breast meat $5 @ Safeway.
Edit: It gets even better, with a -$1 coupon we found tonight we can get it for $4 per 3lb.s!

Sour cream .69 each

Tostitos Chips .99 per bag.
Those were all Safeway deals and a real couponer would probably barely call them deals. But they were savings for us, on things we were already buying so that worked for me.
My favorite of the day tho' was Walgreens,

6 bottles of shampoo (that I love)
2 - 6 pks of Dove bar soap for $2.25
+ $5 to spend in store on something else another time!
That's more like a couponers deal! ;)

These were a decent deal at Freddy's, Organic Blue Corn Chips for 2.99. Better than the 4.99 per bag they were asking.

Dole canned Pinapple for .70 a can, worked for me @ Winco.

But here's another true couponers deal. We went into Albertsons last night with coupons and double coupons and walked out with 4 boxes of WW pasta and 2 - 3pks of juice for FREE! This is not stealing, it's called couponing! And it's still a little crazy for me that you can actually do this!

This was tonight's steal of a deal, Hershey's Dark chocolate chips for $1.10 per bag since we had some Catalina's (in store credit) to use up. If you want to learn more about it check out this site.

There's many more like it around the NW if you do some snooping. It takes time but they do half the work of matching deals and telling you were to find them! Pretty crazy stuff, but it's sure fun to watch the register numbers turn from XXX amount of dollars to 000's or close!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week S

We have been taking it a little slower the last two weeks and sort of meandering through S and T. The week of S we found out this in the basement:

The tile shower was never sealed properly so the entire frame and walls surrounding are rotted out. Blah, so that's our newest project. But, we did do and see some S things that week.

Mr Squirrel who is a regular visitor to our back yard,

And our roof top.

It also was Grandpa and Mr. Tech's birthday so we got to go to The Outback Steakhouse for birthdays. Phi got his own Steak since we got free kids meals for any adult entree. Phi loves his Steak and actually ate this entire thing...of course it could also be that it's the A1 sauce that he's addicted to, I'm not sure. :)


in Suits,

for a Sertain wedding.. ;P
(we found them all on sale at the Burlington Factory Store. Yahoo!)

Aunt Susie was a great S person.

For some silly times as well.

The weather was once again helpful as we had Sunshine!

For a few days anyway, on one of them we headed out on a walk,

Where we Saw Some S's.

And some Spring time!!!

And raided a Squirrels hidy hole.

Incidentally, the Mr. and Chatty came down that weekend and we went up to Timberline for some Snowboarding! We haven't been in 3 yrs, me since our honeymoon and Mr . Tech since just before Phi was born. It was a blast and the weather was perfect!! Phi didn't get to go along but he did get to see the Snowboards and pictures of the Snow.

Our beautiful day.

And we got some Seeds to play with. It amazes me how long these will entertain them for.

It does require a good sweep of the kitchen once they are done as the seeds tend to bounce around on our counter. But the entertainment it affords is worth it.

Our verse was: Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord... Exodus 14:13

Animals: Seals, Sea lions, Seagulls.

Songs: "Safe am I", and "Salvation is a big word".

Bible stories: Saul whose name was changed to Paul. And Phi became fascinated with Solomon and wanted to read about him every day.

So that was a little of our S week See ya next Time. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week Rrrrrr..

So it was actually two weeks ago we encountered this letter in R trek along the alphabet. At that point the house looked something like this, therefore so did my mind, but we still managed to get R into our lives.

The weather helped, it Rained most the week

So we Ran in the Rain. (which happened to be after dark, sorry.)

We made Rice.

In our Rice cooker.

We saw a River.

And found R's wherever we could. This one's from the Old Spaghetti Factory where we went to find...

Salad, not really that just came with their meal. The waitress offered salad or applesauce for them and when I said salad she looked very skeptical, which is understandable. For whatever reason these little men love salad, don't ask me why.

So the Real Reason for coming here was Ravioli.

It was spinach and cheese but he actually liked it.

We wanted to Ride bikes. (but it Rained)

We had Raisins, Rice Krispies, and Rice.

We read about Ruth. Which Phi enjoyed very much and kept wanting to read more once we'd finished the book.

Our verse was: Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth. Eccl. 12:1

We found a very cool rooster crow on youtube. Also checked out Rattlesnake and Rat.

We Rocked in our Rocking Chair.

Played with our Race Cars, and Rocks.

Drove on the Road.

Played with Grandpa's Rope.

Phi thought it was cool that it was A. Ruth's letter. He also enjoyed writing it since it's so close to his P. I told him to make a P and then give it a leg in the front so it could walk. :)

So we Ran through week R and Slid in to week S.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week Q

So Q has been Quite the week! I was having another mind blank. And walking around the house thinking about every thing that ought to get done wasn't helping. So lots of stuff that wouldn't just do it's self got done. Mid week we thought of Queen so we read about Queen Esther. We having a whopping three pictures of the week to make up for last weeks picture post.
We did make Quasadillas, which I'm possative start with a Q but spell check says it's spelled wrong and is offering such words as Quasilinear, Quadrille, and Quadrilaterals. Humph.
So this is our chicken, ranch, Bar BQ and cheese Quasadilla.

And we also had Quiche

With a Q in ketchup, if you use your imagination. Neither of these help the Q sound out too well but that's just how our crazy Minglish goes.

We already had the issue with J and G. It should correctly be Jerbils and Jiraffes and Quiche ought to be something like Keesh not to mention the unnecessary letters K and S. C takes over their jobs nicely City, Cidney. Only I s'pose it could get confusing sort of like our word read, "Did you read that story or have you already read it?" We'd also never no which no we were talking about and knights would be history. OK enough, but it brings to mind a funny memory of my littlest brother at about the age of 4 or 5 trying to sound out and spell the word M n M's. LOL it came out something like, Emanems. :D

For our verse we did,
Behold, I come Quickly... Rev. 22:7 or 3:11

Also colored a Quail picture thanks to Gramma Jo.

We belatedly thought of Q-tips (thank you Lily) and wanted to do some thing with them besides clean our ears, noses etc. but haven't gotten there yet.

We did have a Moving sale (no the house hasn't sold but it's all about getting it ready) so had lots of Quarters.

Week R has a few more possibilities in the activity section. Hey, we should get you to come visit (soon-to-be) Aunt Ruth! It's been hard to have U. AJ being so Ruthless. :P

P.S. this is what happens when you sit down and write a post too late at nite. To bed we go.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week P

Week P was Plenty busy as they all are. We started the week with a breakfast of Puff Pancake and a Party that evening.

With Presents.

We got some Pistachios, which the little men love.

And then did lots of Packing for a trip with Mr. Tech for work.
Here's Jeffy Parking the van.

We found a P on this sign.

And when work was done got to go visit this Punkin,

(who doesn't appear to like Pictures or Picture takers, I'm not sure which)

and his family. His Mommy had posted a great P Post for us that week.

We Played,

and Played

and Played

and yeah, you get the idea...

These are all at a interesting Childrens' Museum in Ellenburg.

We also Pretended to be Bumpa cutting trees.

And firemen.

At this point my camera was out of batteries, the story of my life, who'd a thunk it would do that. Some how it seems to happen every time we go somewhere. I always leave home telling myself it's got plenty of juice left. The problem is if I bother to remember the recharger it never runs out of batteries cause I will inevitably forget to use the camera the whole time or some thing of the like.
Anyway so the remainder of the time we took a walk to the Park, we being women and children, the gentlemen half of the party took the van and met us there. This was just Peachy with us, the Plus size, I mean side, was the guys got their "cave time" and we ladies got extra chatting in. We also had Pizza for lunch before heading home Saturday afternoon to be home in time for our Sunday school treat on Sunday.

The one Part I wish I had a Picture of was Deb and I taking the 5 kiddos shopping at Safeway while the guys were checking out Mr. Wise Guys work. Safeway had a cart the was a double seater up top and then also had a little car attached to the front with room for two as well as grocery room in between. We got all 5 kids in that thing and just an FYI if you are in a hurry to get your shopping done that is not the recommended way. It seemed that the whole store had to stop and comment. And then when I was off getting something they would assume they were all Deb's. "WOW, two sets of twins?!?" upon being told they are cousins they must then know who goes with whom, and so on. So yes, not conducive to a quick shopping trip contrary to our first thought.

Our verse for the week was: Pray without ceasing. 1 Thes. 5:17

And read a bit more of the life of Peter.

We had lots of Practicing to do as Phi was to say a verse this year for his SS class but ended up chickening out and not saying any verses. Maybe next year...

So were on Q this week and just sort a taking it easy as it's a hard one to think up any activities for. But maybe we'll focus on counting Quarters or something.