Friday, May 30, 2008


My little man is growing big too fast! Last week he found out he could climb up on a chair all by him self. Now nothing is safe from small hands any more. He can also reach the edge of the counter tops. Our micro wave sits close to the edge of the counter, and I left the door open as I hurriedly turned my back to stir something I hear SLAM! and turn to find him grinning proudly at me. He is very observant and loves to be "grown up". When I have him get things for me or he obeys i.e. knows he's done something good, he'll swing his arm as he struts along looking like he feels all grown up. He still isn't making to much head way with the talking though he does communicate in his own way, with sounds, expressions, and finger pointing. When we were doing pictures at A. Jenn's he learned "bubble" and also attempted "Gramma" the other day which sounded like "amma". He is very much a perfectionist, when I tell him to put something back that he's gotten into or destroyed, he likes to do it ( if he's obeying) as perfectly as he can how it was. The other day it was the dirty clothes hamper, it was empty (thankfully) but the lid comes off and he loves to dump it over. I told him to set it back up were he got it as I turned to do something else, thinking he would at least set it back up. He did, but he set it back up ...with the lid on... exactly where it had been. I guess I under estimate his abilities. He also has enjoyed helping pick things up or put things in the garbage, or laundry hamper, a big help. He loves to open drawers also and I caught him putting the clean laundry from mommy's drawer straight back in the hamper...not so helpful.:D His favorite gabber expression is "WA BA" I've yet to understand it's meaning, he always says it sort of like a question. His sleep schedule is great for mommy (if I could motivate my self) he usually sleep in till at least 10:00 am. My house could be spotless but I guess that's usually when Leroy gets attention one on one. He loves dirt (as you can see) and puddles (what little guy doesn't) or water so long as it's not bath time. Though climbing in and out of the bath tub is fun so long as there's no water in side. And brooms and push vacuums are great sources of entertainment these days, if only this fascination would stick around till it'd be useful!! :D

Leroy is growing too fast too, he likes to be standing or upright now. He loves to be talked to and to coo and jabber back. He still sleeps a lot which helps get projects done. Often Phi and I will work out side while Leroy naps, Phi loves to be out doors.
Leroy seems to be more of a people person than I remember Phi being at his age. He will offer a smile to almost anyone with alittle coaxing. He slept through the night of his own accord the last three nights. This is great for mommy except of course I kept waking up every three hours, think he would be soon too. I could get use to it I think! :) He's started wanting more attention which takes patience when I have a project in mind. I have to remind myself he'll only be this little once enjoy...He's three months old already, weighs some where around 12 pounds and is growing like a weed. I'm trying to sort through my boys clothes to keep up with him. He's in 3-6 but fits some 6 months already. I guess thats about on target as I know a certain little girl that's only 7 1/2 months but already fits 18-24 months sizes because of her long arms and legs. She's a dolly!!

Verse for the day:
That ye might walk worthy of the Lord, unto all pleasing,
and increasing in the knowledge of HIM...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Memorial Day

To begin with Daddy arrived home safely on Saturday.
He was an hour after schedule as they decided
the plane needed new wipers after they had
backed out from the gate in Anchorage, but he's here ! (;
There was an awesome thunder storm Saturday night
which Phi and us enjoyed from our bedroom window.
It lasted for an hour with almost continuous flashes
of lightening followed by very impressive BOOMS of thunder.
It was Phi's first storm like that but he thought it was neat to watch
and gabber about so long as we were there. Sunday was a relaxing day
with meetings and a rest in the after noon.
That night there was a YP sing out at
the pond which we attended. It was a bit drippy but the
real shower held back until we were
just done singing around the fire.
Then "the rain came down" and we hurried to
set up a canopy over the refreshment table. Leroy slept through it all,
cozy in his car seat, well Phi enjoyed some goodies. I forgot my camera
so that's why this is not a picture post. Some brave souls camped
put for the night but we went home to our dry beds,
and returned in the morning.

Jenn kindly gave me some copies of the pictures she took
as usual they're great. Leroy's curious about what she's doing?!?

Phi found some puddle which were in abundant supply.
there were quite a few wet kids through the day.

Miss Kate and I watched her daddy and mommy
and lots of cousins and friends play baseball .
They had a great game and the sun even came out
(almost) toward the end. By 5:00 everyone was ready to
head for their homes so we had an impromptu family gathering
for dinner and chatting at our house. I think I do better at spur of the
moment gatherings. the house wasn't entirely clean but we had a
fun time anyways!
It's back to work to day on what feels like it should be another day off.
Because of the thunder storm things started off busy at work, with afew
businesses having had power outages over the weekend and just finding
out their phone systems aren't up to par today. But it's good to have Daddy
back in town.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A post to Daddy

We miss our Daddy!!!
He's been gone for four days now and it's no fun....

We want him to come home soon!!

Do you know where Daddy is??

"He's up in Alaska working hard"...

But guess what I heard...


He'll be home in two days!!!


AAWWW! It's bed time now.

We love you Daddy!!!
We'll see you on Saturday!!!

Thank you Aunt Jenn for all the pictures!!!

Verse for the day:
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Ps. 46;1

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A lovely...interupted...picinic.

On Saturday we it was a beautiful sunshiny 95 degree day,
so we decided to go disc golfing along the Columbia Gorge w/
Kate and her Daddy and Mommy.

Here's Leroy enjoying the shade of his stroller.

We played a few rounds and then it was decided that the
guys would head out together to return the bosses car,
(farther up the gorge) that we still had from the
trip earlier that week while us ladies and the kiddos were
going to wait for them at Benson Park.
It was so hot and sticky and the kiddos were sweating

and trying to keep cool .

There is a lovely little creek that runs through the
park and we found a little island in it just across the railroad
tracks that run along the edge of the park.

So we happily set out our picnic snacks,

stuck our water and carrots in the creek to get them cooled again

and were all enjoying ourselves.

Leroy had just joined the picnic when we heard
a train whistle in the distance...
This mom thought naively 'Oh cool we'll get to see a train up close"

As the train reached this point
(we're all directly below the bottom of the picture)
he blew his whistle again
long and loud at which point we all went deaf and there was
much action on the part of the small ones in the party.
I now understand the phase about a barreling freight train,
I did not know they were sooo loud, thankfully it was a short one.
Deb had grabbed Leroy and covered his ears and I had Phi as he had jumped
up ready to run..somewhere... while Kate after the initial scare was peering
around me trying to watch the train, while we tried to cover everyones ears
at once. It took Phi a good ten mintutes to get over it and he kept wanting to
find safe places to hide.

Safely back at the car were Phi wanted right out of the stroller and into
his car seat..Let's get outta here!
Thus ended our lovely, interrupted, picnic.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's off to Medford we go...

We got to ride along on a business trip with
My Luv last week We went toMedford for three days and had a very relaxing time.
We spent the first day in the car and
on the grounds of the hospital while My Luv worked.

We enjoyed the sunshine, and cool grass as
it was at least 90 and beautiful, in the shade :0)

Phi came down with a cold that first day

so I was
very glad for the sunshine as it doesn't seem to last
quite so long that way.

Little A. didn't get it until we were back home.
We were able to stay at a timeshare resort in
Klamath Falls which is like a condo. It was so nice to be able to
cook and keep milk and OJ cold for the kids especially with the cold.

The boys got the murphy bed mattress on the floor in the living room,
although Little A usually ended up in with us most the night.

There was a kiddy pool as well as a sauna, hot tub, and big pool
which we enjoyed one night when daddy could go with us.
Although Phi didn't enjoy it much for some reason, maybe the cold.
The days were all beautiful and sunny, the wild life was all around.
It is out far enough that there was a deer nibbling on the bushes
out side our window the first morning and a Scrub Jay began
building a nest in the tree four feet from the deck.
We went out for a walk and the Barn Swallows were building their
mud nests under the eves of some of the resorts
buildings, a nuisance I'm sure but fun to watch.
I discovered this scene on the deck railing out our back door,
a jumping spider having lunch.
There was also ground squirrels all over...

Phi found them fascinating and rather confusing as they kept
disappearing when he would start towards them.

There was a great play ground too which we enjoyed briefly
as I forgot to bring sun screen.
Most of our time was spent in doors with me trying to get some
scrapbooking done amongst other things. We brought along
Gramma Dee's B-day gift to Phi and it afforded hours of amusement.
It says it's for "two and up" but this 16 month old finds more ways to
play with it than I can come up with.
As it was intended...

A helmet/hat/ mask,
which was fun to stick on mom's head too...

If legos fit, why not I??

Phi reading books to Little A. who is practicing sitting
up. His toes crack me up, he toppled over not long after this.

On the last morning
We had a lazy start and then traveled home through Bend
where we tried stopping in to see a certain uncle, aunt and cousins.
But since we didn't call ahead of time no one was home so we instead
enjoyed their porch swing while Little A. had lunch and
Phi ran off some energy after sitting for 3 hours.
My Luv tried getting some pictures but
mischief 1 was not about to sit still for that after
hours in the car. But Little A. had a smile or two with his tummy full.

Enjoying the breeze!

We left a note so they'd know we stopped through.

We drove over Mt. Hood on the way home and it was beautiful as usual.
The rivers around here are very full because of the high snow pack this year and the sudden hot spell of 90 and above temps!
It was a fun time in spite of the 6 hour drive, so relaxing to be a way from the usual and the resort was great in place of the average hotel. It's fun to be able to go along with daddy and see new places and things!!

Verse of the day:
...Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created.
Rev. 4:11