Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Crafts

With all those beautiful leaves falling outside we decided to collect a few and have some fun with them.

Drying them off

First we tried the idea of putting a leaf between two pieces of white paper and coloring over it to see it's unique shape appear under the crayon. That worked great but only mommy could color hard enough to get the leaf to show through.

Cut out and ready for the window.

The two little men were just having fun taring paper and Phi loves projects that involve glue so , we scribbled all over a piece of paper, tore it into bits, and then proceeded to glue each bit onto a leaf pattern traced on another paper.


gluing ...

gluing and...

Ta da.

Didn't come out half bad for an almost 3 year old.

This ones mommy's.

We had fun anyway!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate and welcome "Aunt Rufe"

Last Friday, Mr. Tech had the day off and Uncle AJ's special friend Ruth was coming to town for the first time that we'd ever meet her. Amma planned a day trip up the gorge and we met with Kate and Elliot and family at a beautiful park in Biggs Junction. It all sorta worked out at the last minute that all the guys could come and as a result Phi ended up riding as chaperon with Uncle AJ and Ruth. He thought that was pretty cool and AJ and Ruth graciously let him come along.
We don't know what he heard but he was prematurely calling her Aunt Ruth for the rest of the weekend. :) The rest of us managed to fit in our van and away we went.

We got there just in time for lunch and were amazed after having left blustery winds and rain two hours back, at the perfect, almost no wind, sunny weather.

Mr. Wise Guy, Deb, Kate and Elliott had made it there before us so after introductions, we sat down to a great lunch.

(Cringe) Leroy's pretending his apple is a train.. on a public picinic table, blak.

The happy couple and Jeffy.

Kate had just turned 2 the day before so Amma brought some cupcakes and candles for her.

Looking sheepish as she's being sung "happy birthday" to.

Phi of course wanted to blow out a candle too and for the next 10 minutes Amma was lighting the same candles and they were each taking turns blowing them out.

Phi thinks that's the way you eat a cupcake now is light it's candle and blow it out first.


We then proceeded to enjoy the park.

Leroy spent a good hour just throwing rocks into the river.


Practicing...I mean helping.

Returning from a stroll together.

Phi following Bumpa

And three cousins strollering with Bumpa...

Much more exciting then your average ride.

Hilariousness, Phi snitched Kate's hat and wore it for the rest of the time thinking he was soo cool.

Friday is mtg. night so after a fun game of Disc golf we said our goodbyes and headed for home getting there bearly in time to change clothes and run.

Saturday we got to have every one at our house for a dinner for Amma's birthday.

These are about the only two picture's I got of the evening, then they all had to run as YP mtg. was scheduled for that evening. Talk about a busy schedule and somehow he still got her to say "yes"!

We got texted a picture of a sparkly diamond this morning which means, yahoo, she's offically going to be "Aunt Rufe"!!
Phi's still asks what she's doing or where she is several times a day. :) We can't wait to see you again "Aunt Rufe".

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is for you Ruth

Our visit to Kate's in September

This is a backwards post starting with the delectable cheese cake we ended a lovely shower for Mr. Elliott with.
Miss Kate enjoying her kid friendly dessert on the back patio

The beautiful table Joann set for us all.

The kids table out back, so cute!

A very cute idea for serving punch.

Mr. Elliott himself.

Sibling profiles.

Telling A. Tete funny stories.

Sharing babies, you hold mine...

..and I'll hold your's.

We did a quick one night trip with Grandma and A. Tete just to be there for Elliott's shower. We got in about 10:00p.m. as some fresh bran muffins came out of the oven. They were delicious enough to get these three wiggle worms to sit still, for a few minutes any way.

Except for the feet, those just refuse to hold still.

We've been house sitting for the last two months, and are finally back in our own house as of this week. It was great fun, but there's still no place like home. I couldn't upload pictures while there so that's my excuse ...this time any way. :)