Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seattle Trip

We spent the first two weeks of this month in the Seattle area mostly for business on Mr. Tech's part. We we're graciously put up by U. Phil and A. Mary in their 5 star accommodations.This is a picture overview of the two weeks with some missing pieces were I forgot to get out the camera.

The cargo carrier lent by Bumpa and Amma that made it possible to go on a two week trip with three kids in a Kia Sportage.
Jeffy meeting G. Gramma Eleanor for the first time. He's number 50 counting all her grands and greats.

Enjoying some delicious raspberries in the cool of A. Mary's back yard.
He thought it quite funny that they fit on his finger.

As did Phi.

One evening we enjoyed a delicious dinner at this little ladies house.

As well as some competitive boccie

Just like Daddy.

Leroy checkin' up on the neighbors.

"I dunno"

Jeffy hit 6 wks while we were there, it seemed like he grew a ton.

Near U. Phil and A. Mary's is a very unique park with tons personality between the people you see and the scenery and landscape. We walked down to it most nights and always saw something new and different. Here is a bagpipe band(?) that was playing one night.

It's right on a lake that I can't remember the name of right now with down town Seattle straight across the way. There were always plenty of boats and sail boats for the boys to watch.

And geese...

Phi's favorite was the Police boat the we saw every now and again which he had memorized and could spot before we could .

Jeffy loved being outside in the stroller in the cool evening.

Some very colorful houses we passed on our way down to the park.

One of Phi's favorite parts about A. Mary's is all the cool trucks and cars to play with, this picture doesn't show even half of them. Imagine three times this many all over the floor and you get the idea of how much fun it is and what A. Mary and U. Phil put up with for two weeks.

A. Mary and Leroy on the way up from the park.

Bethany and her mommy came over to play one afternoon.

There's always something happening in the neighborhood and the boys had a blast going to see what ever it was with A. Mary.
We got to spend the weekend with Chatty and the Mr. It was a busy weekend that I didn't get any pictures of until the last day. We made it to the All day mtg. in Arlington which was fun. It's something we've wanted to do for a while but it lands on the same weekend as ours here at home so we usually don't get to.
Anyway, while our guys were off playing disc golf or racket ball or something, Chatty and I went to this fun park that some of you Northern Washingtonites might recognize. It's a great big swamp mostly but we walked through on a raised wooden walkway. There was a great variety of flora and fauna and we even saw and heard some bullfrogs.

Chatty and Phi.

The look out tower through the swaying grasses.

Heading into the swamp.

Thanks to a good zoom we caught this guy hanging out.

Chatty had Phi posing and I snuck in a shot of his shy grin.

Water Lily blooms, ( I think) there were tons of them there.

Damsel Flies on a lily leaf.

Back to A. Mary's where the boys enjoyed her entertaining.

We got in a visit to G. Gramma Eleanor's and had a fun time at the playground near her house.

She got both boys to hold her hands which takes some doing since they take a while to warm up to anyone they don't see every day.

Phi our climber

Checking out the pond

A duck and a turtle sharing a sunny log.

Our last visit to the park near A. Mary's before leaving the next evening. It has very neat little beaches with small rocks, perfect for throwing. Leroy always looked like he was about to dive in when he wound up to throw a handful. When boats went by sending waves lapping at his toes he would get all off balance and holler for assistance.

One of the many sea planes ...

...the boys loved watching take off and land.

Jeffy seemed to grow by leaps and bounds while we were there, he weighed 12.12 at his 6 week appointment today.

Thank you to A. Mary especially for all her help with the little men and making sure mommy got her naps every day.