Monday, January 25, 2010

Week K

Edit: Kate we did not forget you, only A. Sjo did in my hurry to get the posting done before something else came up. In looking for a suitable picture tho' I don't have any recent ones (had to snitch this one off you guys blog). That means it's been too long since we've gotten to see you all!! Shall have to remedy that soon.

Week K, we've become more Knowledgeable, (though we didn't actually cover these "Kn" words because they're too confusing for now.) We did learn about Kangaroos, Kittens and Koala Bears on Youtube. Kangaroos are the strangest things, they seem to be to Australia what deer are to the NW. Interesting critters. An FYI, if you want to see them on Youtube put in Baby Kangaroos or you get lots of Kangaroos boxing.

On the menu was some Special K cereal,

Kiwi's! Kiwi Apple "salad" was great.

And Kidney Beans, on Nachos, yum!
Kabobs would have been lovely but this is a hard time of year for them. Besides the fact that I didn't think of them ( thx A. Deb) before I went shopping for the week.

Here is our written K

And Leroy wanted to try writing too so he did these A's with a little help on which way to go. I don't plan on starting him now, though he does get in on much of what we do. I hope to do it again with him next Fall/Winter and get more detailed with Phi. Anyway...

We "helped" in the Kitchen (thx A. Ruth 2b! ;)
He doesn't do Knives, ever, so this was a novelty.

Opening cans, with help.

Our project was a Kite, though not a flying one cause I wasn't up for that challenge and we don't have anywhere in our yard to fly one. Besides, we had rain almost the whole week. Tho' some beautiful sunshine peeked out on Thursday and again on Saturday and made me realize how little we've seen it in the last few months!

So we started with this K

and then tried the fun glue-on-tissue-paper-bits-with-a-pencil trick.

It worked great! You can even see our lovely peep of sunshine in the background. :)

Things around the house were Keys and Kindness tho' the latter took some work. ;)

Bible stories were the Parables of the Kingdom and then King David being anointed and showing Kindness to Mephiboseth.

Our verse: Be ye Kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as GOD, in CHRIST has forgiven you. Eph. 4:32

We couldn't think of a K song tho' I'm sure I just didn't try hard enough.

Some funny quotes from the week:

At lunch the boys have been occasionally giving thanks for the food when Daddy isn't there.
One afternoon we sat up to the table and I asked who would like to give thanks?

Phi:" Unuh."
Leroy: "You do it."
Phi: "You git to be the thanker today"

After prayer we're looking out the window at the squirrel having it's lunch in the feeder.

Phi: "Did he close his eyes?"
Me: "When?"
Phi: "When we prayed??"

So we Launch into week L! ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week J

We started off with a visit to Aunt Jenn which was special for many reasons but mostly because she's a special person!

I now know why Junk food starts with J, the only foods the cook book lists were Jam or Jelly and we did have that on toast but what's new. We could have branched out to Japanese food but I'm not great with oriental dishes. So we were left with these,

Joe Joe's!

Jello Pudding,

And Jelly beans (thx Gwynne)!

In a Jar.

We wore a Jacket and Jeans, the salsa has nothing to do with it other than that was what he happened to be carrying when I finally got a chance to take his picture. We didn't do Jalapenos!

He knew that this little man's Daddy started with J when he's not Mr. Wise Guy. :)

Also Gramma Jo, but we couldn't find a picture of her.

Writing our J.

We also did Jumping Jacks, which I didn't get pictures of as I had to do them too. The boys both did plenty of Jumping on the bed, a favorite past time of theirs when I'm on the computer.

We watched videos of blue Jays which happen to be Phi's favorite bird, and a quick one of a Jaguar which is not one of Phi's favorite animals.

Our verse was: Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, and today, and forever. Heb 13:8
Phi surprised me on Sunday by saying it in Sunday School when all the other kids said theirs. That was a first, as was getting to go to Sunday School class for the first time.

We sang lots of J songs including Jesus loves me and Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. Phi is beginning to branch out on his own in this area ever since he saw the video Kate made for him on his Birthday! He now goes around singing one or two lines to different songs that he's heard and then stating, "I can do it Mommy." They were riding around Costco the other day in the cart singing "Happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away." Jesus bids us shine!:)
Our bible stories were about Jacob and then his son Joseph, Phi seems to enjoy them very much and always wants to hear more of what the person is doing.

I wanted to get out Jogging but I think it rained almost the whole week so we got out of that one. ;)
So we head into week K another challenging one, I'll just have to become more Kreative, ur well, perhaps not that creative.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week I

We had trouble being Industrious with our letter I as we started off the week with Illness again. Leroy this time, tho' he seemed to get over it much quicker then Phi. We only had one morning of illness and then were better.

We spent most of our time Indoors because it was very windy outside.

We played Indians.

and of course had an Indian house, otherwise known as a tepee.

We did finger paint for something fun Indoors. He knows how to spell this much of his name by himself so that was his I practice for the week.

For his birthday he got a Mic-O-Mic helicopter.

It comes in lots of little pieces so daddy helped

and Instructed him how to put it all together.

We did Italian bread for dinner one evening.

And for his birthday dinner with Grandpa and Grandma we did Ice Cream!

Well, Grandpa did Ice cream with them.

Phi was Interested in the process

and cranked a few times before going off to do other things and leaving Grandpa to the cranking.

But he was back again once it was ready for tasting!

Delicious, homemade Ice cream and brownies!

Our verse: I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. John 14:6

Our song ended up being, "I am so glad that Jesus loves me."as Phi picked that one for a favorite from all the 'I' songs in the childrens hymn book.

Leroy ended the week with Itching. He got hives quite badly from a new laundry softener we used (we think). Poor guy his little feet and hands swelled up huge and it came out all over his face too. We've rewashed all his clothes and everything and he seems to be better today.

We learned about Isaac all week going through his life up to where he married Rebekah. Which nicely brought us to his sons Esau and Jacob... but that's for another week.

A highlight of the week, after a reading one morning Leroy asked to pray. Phi wanted to after him and now they've begun asking to pray at lunch time and bed time. It's still repeat after me on Leroy's part, and half and half on Phi's.

I didn't get any pictures but we looked up the state of Illinois online and found coloring pages of their state bird, animal, fish and some that are just creatures that live there. They had a very informative website and more facts than you'd ever need to know about one state. Phi was especially excited about it since that's where A. Ruth lives!

Thanks for all the I Ideas everyone that left some last week. Feel free to leave J ones for this week. We may not get to them but it is great to have more ideas then just mine!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Year you were Two...

Be warned this may be sweet but it's not short!
A year in pictures
On your second birthday Phi, you were still unsure of the whole "Happy birthday" song.
the candles were the best part but you still didn't know how to blow them out.

You were always curious about small things.

You loved to play with Leroy

And share your food with him.

You were tall enough to reach door handles and learned to lock doors...

You love books

And precarious perches.

You went on your first boat ride and thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to you.
You loved water though

And helping wash the car.

You learned how to steer a bike, but still don't know how to pedal too.

We celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday in March.

In May we welcomed our new brother Jeffy.

and you became Momma's big helper.

We went to the zoo when he was three weeks old

you were worried about what was going to happen next, the whole time.

You got to help pick raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and loved it.

Raspberries are still your favorite.

You finally started talking somewhere about here and using all the words you had stored away in your little mind.

You were still very shy tho' and did not take to any one new very easily.

You loved the tall slide at Sester's park,

but couldn't stand twisty slides

You are afraid of Ferguson, Grampa and Gramma's dog.

We spent almost six weeks of the summer traveling for Daddy's work.

Much time was spent with U. Phil and A. Mary

Where you also got to take your first ferry ride.

We spent one week in Alaska w/ A. Susie along.

where you saw a glacier, a moose and hated the plane rides.

We made several visits to Kate's house

where we welcomed our new cousin Elliott.

You went to at least two weddings

You love to share Daddy's shakes, even the coffee ones.

You got to help plant a garden.

You and Leroy shared a big bed together for a while until you got a little one of your very own.

You learned to talk on the phone.

You still like your Binky tho' we try to only use it at bed time.

You love to help in the kitchen

You like hats

This is how you often ride on the stroller.

Loved the beach

We found out we were getting a new Aunt and you were very interested in this! You would have imaginary phone conversations with her before you guys even met for the first time.

Loved doing whatever Grampa was up to.

Unless it involved animals.

You started learning the Alphabet when you were 2 3/4 and can say all of the letters by your self.

Happy Birthday little man, it's hard to believe it's been 3 years!