Sunday, March 27, 2011

Much thanks to Aunt Deb!!!

"For this cutest little hat ...

and dress, sewn with love just for me!!"

"We tried it on this mornin' an' it just fit perfectly!"

Just in time for Spring tho' we are still enjoying rain showers so I had ta wear the flowers."

She looks just like your baby pictures Deb, especially this expression.

"Whoa, someone's sneakin' up on me"

"Oh, just my doting brother"
(who gets a little too "helpful" sometimes, such as leaning over to put in her binky with a hand on her tummy to hold himself up. :P Tho' she gets a great many " 'ugs" from him too.)

Thank you so very much, it is so fun to have her fitting it. I love the flowered hat and the full shirt, it turns her into such a little lady! Love the prints too, I don't know how you ever choose the materials but I love the way they match up.

Monday, March 14, 2011

These days...

Well it's that time of year, flu bugs, coughs, colds, and in our area whooping cough has been going around. A bit scary when you have a 7 week old infant who could die if she caught it. We have all been vaccinated including Julabeans. We are also taking a five day course of antibiotics to kill it if we have it and make us noninfectious to everybody else. And above all praying that we are kept from having to deal with it!! So aside from that here are some of the happenings that I've been able to capture on camera the last few weeks.

Phi's very own Chitty made with his Duplo Erector set.

Actually he has no idea what or who Chitty is...

He just loves to create..

I guess he mixed regular legos in with the erector set. I'm not sure what the exact purpose of this creation is.

And it's little miss Julabeans herself.

This is how you teeter-tauter when you don't have a real one readily available.

Here's a few in the snow that came at the beginning of this month. Snow in March ??? Spring is supposed to be here in a week!

These guys thought it was awesome of course.

Bugs getting his ride all cleaned off.

Julabeans posing on the special quilt A. Mary L made for her.


She's looking all growed up already.

Bug's trying A. Susie's shoes on for size.

And one of the Eygptian plagues came to our corn meal mush. Ha, I found this sitting on the kitchen counter one morning after Mr. Sneaky aka Leroy, got up before the rest of us. It made me laugh for some reason. The demise of a rubber frogs arm.

And we'll leave you with a few of little miss sunshine...

for our cousins to the East ...

who aren't feeling so well.

Hope you all feel better soon and we get through this time of sickness and on to the sunshine of spring!!