Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I don't know what brought them to mind, it was snowing outside and cozy in and that's the perfect time for baking to me, so here we went.

Ready to roll.

I sorta made it up as I went along, I started with a white bread/roll recipe but since this was to be cinnamon rolls didn't want it to be all bad for ya'. So in went 1 cup less of flour, powered milk, an extra cup of oatmeal and oat bran, wheat germ and ground flax seed, plus converting half the flour to whole wheat and doing 1/2 the sugar called for in the dough. After all that the out come seemed a bit uncertain, but I put them to rise and they did so nicely. While they were doing so I looked at allrecipes.com and found a recipe that said it was just like cinnabons and the secret seemed to be that they only cooked for 15 minutes instead of the 20-25 called for in most recipes, worth a try.

I greased everything extra well as the dough was very moist since it had less flour. Butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and than threw in some raisins and craisins on half since not all appreciate them and wished I had some walnuts but we didn't. Got them all rolled up a process that intrigued Phi and cut and into pans that had a sugar/cinnamon/butter goo on the bottom.

Not sure how all this sugar could be good for you but we tried to help it out. 20 minutes rising in the warm oven, 15 minutes at 350 and at last.

Taste testing time = Delicious
Even with out the extra glaze that I'm suposed to make and haven't yet they were too yummy to eat just one. Mr Wise Guy, Deb and Kate just might get to try some this weekend if there's any left by then. :0D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Think He was Tired!?!

I told him to go crawl in bed with Daddy and Leroy and later this is what I found. Looks like he made it but just barely. ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Buying Time...

As we are drawing closer (still have approx 3 mon.s) to welcoming another little one the dilemma of transportation was weighing on our minds. We currently own a KIA Sportage, not exactly in the large -family- vehicle line of cars, so our first thought was that a new vehicle was in order. But not being monetarily ready for a new car without going into debt we've been sort of waiting and looking at Craig's list and not finding anything and ...so what to do?? Then the other day a baby gear catalog came that I usually end up recycling without looking at because in spite of their cool products they tend to be pricey, plus shipping. In glancing through, these car seats caught my eye which they claimed were thinner than other models, hmmm hadn't though of that one yet, maybe with the right car seat we could still fit three back there! So I stuck the brand ( Radian 65 by Sunshine Kids) in Google and found a fun website that had good deals and free shipping to boot! They were much cheaper than a new car so it was worth the try. They arrived in good order and it's worked! we can fit two forward facing and have room for the rear facing baby seat too. Lovely! Other bonuses include the fact that they fit the seat so well they feel like they're glued there, something we never could achieve with the other bulky ones as they sat so much higher off the seat they had plenty of give in all directions. Also Phi can climb in and out of his by himself without falling off a cliff because of the low profile. They also have a very simple 5 point harness buckling system that seems to stay tangle free unlike the previous ones and as you can see make relatively comfy head rest. They're also rated to 65 pounds, so all in all I'm very excited with this find which seems to be an answer to prayer right now.

Oops! Mom went shopping through nap time.

I was a little afraid it'd be to straight for Leroy but he fits just fine with plenty of growing room.

The fuzzy strap covers are a bonus too or maybe our others were just too cheap.
(try free and a target"deal")

This isn't the greatest angle and doesn't capture very good how well it realy fits but sort of shows the low profile of it. So all in all very thankful for them and the time it will buy to save for a larger vehicle in future!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

As the days fly by...

They're busy days of course, some good, some bad and the rest fill in between. Phi is in a stage of rapid change it seems, coming up with new things all the time, some good, some bad, etc. I wanted to try and remember some of it before it just becomes the routine. As he hit 2 he has suddenly began talking, he will attempt random new words daily out of our conversation, and when you correctly repeat what he's attempted to say it's answered with a huge grin. Today it was "wook" (work) the w sound was a new one. Successful communication is certainly satisfying. Some favorite repeats right now would be: "Mama, mama," with pointing finger when ever he sees something of note, (about 100 times a day or hour some days) "Bat" (bath), "Aiwon" (little brothers name) "No no" (of course), "mik" (milk), "Dat-ie" (Daddy) "Eat", "De-de" (birdie, since we have a bird feeder out the kitchen window) and of course "beandie" (binky) no others come to mind currently but there seems to be more daily. He has a strong aversion to using the toilet to go "stinky" right now which we are working on. We started doing pull-ups this week and it makes bathroom runs that much easier, "Ahh-done" is a favorite when sitting on the throne, whether it's true or not. He loves to share his food with anything and anyone and will sit pointing around the room at things he thinks might like a bite. This may be because I often will feed them from my plate partially rather then giving them everything on theirs. Whatever the reason little brother is usually the first option and too willing a recipient, others include the doggies on little brothers blanket, the birdies or squirrel outside (whether they're there or not) the little bee attached to his spoon (it was sharing his yogurt this morning) his toy horse. If he gets a snack he wants to be sure daddy and little brother are getting some too. He likes to set aside things for daddy when daddy's gone to work or when he's there Phi will pick out things for him to eat. The other day (not to tell secrets, it was just funny) Phi loves carrots and celery (daddy does not) but Phi picked a carrot stick out and offered it to daddy, hmm what to do.. daddy ate his carrot.

Showing off whatever he just sat in, JK he had just figured out he could do this.

He loves to say "See ya" to people, random cars driving by, things disappearing down the toilet, today it was a bite of food he didn't particularly want as it disappeared under the edge of his plate. Ha, very creative, he had to eat it anyway.

"ello" in a sing-songy voice

That's a calculator actually, he turns any device that faintly resembles a phone into one. Little brother is his best playmate but also his biggest annoyance some times since he's gotten so quick at crawling aound, any thing big brother is doing is of great interest. He loves to snitch Phi's binky out of his mouth when it comes with in reach. Phi mostly finds that one amuseing as he can get it back quite easily, keeping his toys out of Leroys grasp is another story, "no no" is repeated often tho' given little heed by the smallest party. Phi is very good about telling if Leroy is doing something they're not supposed to, the fireplace, the book shelf, if he comes to me saying seriously "aiwin, no no" it means I better go see what Leroy's up to. Phi needs a hair cut about every two weeks or he starts looking quite fuzzy, the only issue being hair cuts are also on the do-not-appreciate list. He sees "ats" (hats) of all shapes and forms as we travel around, he was reading a car book with A. Sus and came to a taxie cab with a "at" on ( the little yellow number light on top). As we walk the neighborhood he loves to spot "boats" this one started back when Chatty and the Mr. brought theirs to are house and he got to sit in it, but now has come to include trailers of all shapes and sizes as well. He loves to copy things right now, not everything but he'll pick some certain little mannerisum and do it, you're sitting there going "Phi what are you doing?" and suddenly realize "Oh, that's me". :0P He was stirring in his milk mug with his spoon and after telling him no that's not what you do, it dawn that that's what we do with our morning coffee. Sigh. Oh yes, and "owies" this can be the real thing or any odd mole or such like that's spotted on your person. Yesterday at breakfast his banana had an 'owie' (a small brown spot) and he ate around it but wouldn't eat that part. He is more of a picky eatter right now then he used to be but that varies by the day. We had steak with A-1 sauce the other night and the boys where eatting other food, but I gave him a taste of mine and he kept wanting more. Must be the male genes, steak is great but I just eat it for the A-1 sauce. His strangest like is salsa, he'll eat it off the plate with a chip, medium not mild and be sucking the salsa off the chip with out taking bites of the chip. :0P He'll stop to beg for a drink every few bites but no matter what I tell him about hot he keeps going. I think a favorite food would be cheese or cottage cheese, with apples and celery being a close second. MnM's stay tops of course. Last week he had a cold and learned to say "nose", when ever it ran he'd come running pointing "nose, nose" he learned to bring the kleenex too and that was awesome as you didn't have to go searching every time. We've had some more challenging weeks as we hit two with a lot of testing and restablishing boundries but over all he's a fun wee man. So, if you made it this far I'm amazed, but it will be fun to look back at as the years go on if our Lord tarries. Leroy is also changing a lot but that would be too long a post so I hope to get to his soon.

A wise son maketh a glad father...(and mother)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Books and Creations...

Phi loves to read these days, if you dare seat your self on the floor or anywhere else for that matter he's usually there within seconds book in hand asking, "book"(the k being a t sound) "ead""ead". He will sit and study them for a bit alone on a good day.

In your boots (no pants required)

First thing in the morning.

On your favorite stool.

But best of all if your favorite Aunty comes over and reads with you.

Magazines are interesting too.

And then there's towers, or maybe I should say sculptures, not sure of the best name for these creations but he makes them almost daily. Here's the proud artist to show you some now.
Cereal Boxes

Traffic Incidents
(these are usually more of a train and contain as many cars as are available and will move in a line together)

Umm, not sure what this one is?!


And here's Leroy showing one off, grocery shopping I suppose.

And the grand final, at least as far a pictures of them go.

So funny to see their minds at work, does this mean he will be an organized person?? :0D Time will tell I guess.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Two years ago today we welcomed this little man into our lives.

7.1 lbs 19 3/4 inches long a tiny little man.

And then there were three...

I guess we didn't get too many when his eyes were open that first day, he was very cuddly and we loved to cuddle him so I guess he slept a lot.

As you can see he still favors "ats' (as he calls them) today.

Monday we did a little pre birthday cause Mommy couldn't wait I guess.

"Happy Birthday Dear Phi"

"Happy birthday to you"
He actually didn't cry this time. Usually in a group setting when happy birthday is sung he cries like somethings all wrong. In this case he just sat there looking sheepish.

He also managed to blow out both candles one at a time with many puffs, something I didn't know he was capable of.

The "truck" had "yights" (lights) and a bed full of M n M's his favorite.
Inspecting it's chocolate kiss wheels.

Leroy getting in on the goodies.

Time for presents

He loves anything with trailers right now or things that can haul other things.

MnM's, brownies, tractors all make great loads.

And here was his big present which has been the favorite for the last two days.

"Oh wow" his first expression he learned.

Transferring loads.

Finding new loads with Daddy
Leroy getting in on the fun.

We get to go over to Grandpa and Grandma's for another birthday tonight on the real day. So we better run.