Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tip-Toe Through The Tulips

HE has made everything beautiful in HIS time...Eccl. 3:11

Gramma and the boys and I, had the privilege of visiting the Wooden Shoe Bulb Co. in Woodburn, OR, about a week ago. The tulips are mostly in peak season and we were amazed by the diversity of God's colors! It coincided with week T so it worked out quite nicely. :)

We haven't given up on the alphabet, just had a small break while we figure out how to work out U and V. Anyway so Tulips came in time for week T but they are soo beautiful I couldn't pick favorites so they need a post of their own. Enjoy!

I'd love to have some of these ones.

We thought of you Ruth when we saw this lovely shade. :)

The mix of colors is amazing!

Wooden shoes make an ideal spot to rest.


Love this melon color too.

Three little tulips.


Curious things, these tulips are.

"they have black things in there"

My favorite!

They have several old tractors around the fields which make great props and play things!

Interesting mix.

Then amongst all this loveliness, the little men found some dirt.

And since we've had record rain fall in the last two weeks, it was some lovely, sloppy, squishy mud!

The sloppier and squishier the better for this little man. He would get in the deepest spots and be giggling away.

So should you ever find yourself near Woodburn, OR from April to May it's definitely worth a stop, the tulips that is not the mud!