Monday, June 23, 2008

Let Us Go Forth Unto HIM

"Let us go forth therefore unto HIM without the camp, bearing HIS reproach."
Hebrews 13:13

The Young Christian

I cannot give it up,
The little world I know-
The innocent delights of youth,
The things I cherish so!
"Tis true I love my Lord,
And long to do HIS will;
But O, I may enjoy the world
And be a Christian still!

I love the hour of prayer,
I love the hymns of praise,
I love the blessed Word which tells
Of God's redeeming grace.
But- I am human still!
And while I dwell on earth,
God surely will not grudge the hours
I spend in harmless mirth!

These things belong to youth,
And are its natural right,
My dress, my pastimes and my friends,
The merry and the bright.
My Father's heart is kind!
He will not count it ill
That my small corner of the world
Should please and hold me still.

And yet -"outside the camp"-
'Twas there my Saviour died!
It was the world that cast Him forth
And saw Him crucified.
Can I take part with those
Who nailed Him to the tree?
And where His Name is never praised,
Is there the place for me?

Nay, world! I turn away,
Though thou seem fair and good;
that friendly outstretched hand of thine
Is stained with Jesus blood.
If in thy least device
I stoop to take a part,
All unaware, thine influence steals
God's presence from my heart.

I miss my Saviour's smile,
When'er I walk thy ways;
Thy laughter drowns the Spirit's voice,
And chokes the springs of praise.
When'er I turn aside
To join thee for an hour,
The face of Christ grows blurred and dim,
And prayer has lost its power!

Farewell-Henceforth my place
Is with the Lamb Who died.
My Sovereign! While I have Thy love,
What can I want beside?
Thyself, blest Lord, art now
My free and loving choice,
In Whom, though now I see Thee not,
Believing, I rejoice.

Shame on me that I sought
Another joy than this,
Or dreamed a heart at rest with Thee
Could crave for earthly bliss!
These vain and worthless things,
I put them all aside:
His goodness fills my longing soul,
And I am satisfied.

Lord Jesus! let me dwell
"Outside the camp" with Thee!
Since Thou are there, then there alone
Is peace and rest for me.
Thy dear reproach to bear
I'll count my highest gain,
Till Thou return, Rejected One,
To take Thy power and reign!

Author Unknown

I found this little poem on an old yellowed paper as I was cleaning up the office for company.
I remember a brother quoting part of it at a conference years back and was stirred by it then. It is a struggle to be in this world but not of it. Our finite minds get so carried away by the "deceitfulness of riches and the cares of this life" it is a daily struggle. We have been enjoying recently that the help for this is to be full of Christ and His Word and then there is neither room nor desire it if Christ is all. It can even be the little things that get our minds so carried away. As a busy mom the thought of company sends my mind into a frenzy of planning and worrying about a hundred details ( don't let this keep you away friends and family we do enjoy you!!)
But I was reminded of the verses in the story where the Lord visited the 3 siblings of Bethany. "Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came unto HIM and said , Lord, dost Thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me. And Jesus ...said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful and Mary hath chosen that good part that shall not be taken away from her." Luke 10:40-42 I think I am often "cumbered about much serving" in the hospitality area. It is a much calmer state of affairs to be "sitting at HIS feet" in dependence on HIM for the direction of my time and efforts. Just some thoughts along the way that have been turning in my mind of late.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A (Belated) Father's day Post

My picture upload hasn't been working but My Luv recently fixed it. So here are a few pictures from our Father's Day gathering at our house.

Our handy man, mechanic, awesome Grandpa and wise man,
Daddies know every thing you know.

Daddy #2 in our family order but not in the boys minds.
They love it when Daddy is here, Phi loves to play with him
while Leroy just looks at him with a "Wow that's MY Daddy"
sort of expression.

And Daddy #3 in order who got a very cute card from his
daughter with a little help from her mommy.

The daughter we were speaking of.

A happy couple.

A. Jenn letting Phi "take pictures" with her camera
He loves buttons!

"Hee Hee, this is fun!"

Kate's Mom reading a belated Mother's Day card.

U. AJ getting a belated Birthday present.

I'm begining to see the pattern. You never know what your going to get a present for at our family gatherings it may be last years birthday. We do it that way to keep every one excited about coming, see, they never know if they might be the one getting a gift this time or not. JK! :0)

The food.

Grandpa teaching Leroy to walk at 3.5 months.
He did take little steps over to the couch to see what A. Deb was up to.

Enjoying the lovely day and good company.

U. Dave and Leroy

Their expressions have a resemblance it seemed like when I looked at them.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A visit to the Sunshine Farm

Since we were in the area Saturday evening we dropped in to see some friends who have a bit of acreage in the country. They have made it into quite the little farm and it was a lot of fun to see all the ducks and chickens and especially the baby chicks. They recently got 36 new ones who will be egg layers this fall. The kids each have some of their own to care for it was fun to see each of their little flocks.

"Sam" the farm patriarch.
He's awful pretty for a guy.

Phi was very unsure about the chickens as he's in a stage where most living creatures do not appeal to him. I;m hoping he grows out of it cause Mom really likes them. He does observe and jabber from a distance.

H. and a pet hen.

Some of the youngest chicks.

And these were the teenagers.

S. with his favorite one.

S. helping M. get his boots on after a jump on the trampoline.

It was pretty chilly out side for a June evening so we adjourned in doors for a fun and encouraging visit. H. baby sat a bit for a while well we were visiting and found that Leroy enjoyed riding in the little doll carriage.

Must of felt cozy by the looks of it.

Phi decided giving his brother a ride looked like a fun idea and did so until we put a stop to it.

Leroy didn't seem to mind.
Phi and M. had a fun evening together as they're close in age so got to try out their sharing skills together. They got along very well together and took turns finding the noise making toys and seeing how many times they could push the buttons before we went crazy. It was a fun and relaxing time. Thank you to each of you!

Happy Birthday!!

My Luv's youngest sister turns 25 today!!
She has had a lot of health problems over the last few years but is doing very well right now.

Last Saturday Mom S. had a big party for her with alot of friends. The menu was some delicious Papa John's pizza, salad, and some great raspberry lemonade punch Mom made. And of course birthday cake, it was a chocolate cake from Costco with chocolate filling and cream cheese on top, they make a delicious cake.

She got lots of fun presents too.

The weather was just right outside so we got to enjoy Mom's beautiful gardens. All her Iris and Cala Lilies were in bloom along with lots of other pretty ones that i don't know all the names of.

The garden.

Peonie bud

A crimson Strawberry blossum

L. and Phi enjoying the garden path.

Purple Iris

Dark Purple Columbine
(I think)

And one that looked like a variety of Candy Tuft.

Uncle Marcel, Adrian, Laura and Phi on the garden patio.

And lots of beautiful Pansies in lots of colors.

Leroy enjoying one of the balloons.

It was a very nice time. Thanks Mom.

Verse of the day:

The Lord shall guide thee continually... and thou shall be as a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.
Isaiah 58:11

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's this???

What is that thing in your hair?!?

It's a dragonfly, silly and mommy put it there.

First two photos courtesy of Kate's mommy

We got to enjoy a great dinner at Dave and Jenn's on Saturday evening as she got a new piano they needed help moving. It was a very pleasant evening on the back patio, chatting with family.

New and Improving

Our basement flooded a few years back and carpeting and paneling had to come out. Since then it has been in a semi unuseful state, I hurry down to do my laundry and that's about it besides storage. We are finally getting started on it after getting the carpet and padding for a great deal and having a Dad and brother who are very handy at carpentry and such. Dad came over this past weekend and he and my Luv were able to get the recessed lighting in. It looks amazing and is a big improvement over the lights or lack there of that where there. It was a big part of the job as there was only wiring to half the room the rest had outlets for lamps. They had to run wires in the ceiling with out taking the drywall down.... it takes talent!!! :)

Grandpa's big helper!! :P

I didn't get very good befores but this is one, the only lighting is on my end though the camera flash makes it all look brighter.

And these are with the new lighting, I like the recessed lighting as it gives such a warm light to the room. And it will be great for playing ping pong since it doesn't hang off the ceiling!!

We have a ways to go as you can see but the lights are a big head start!!

Updates to follow!!