Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Around the house...

We've been sticking close to home these last few weeks, with the other two pregnancies I think we were still traveling at 37 weeks but this one has been so different in a lot of ways that I've become a homebody. The repercussions of that, much to Mr. Tech's dismay, is that I think up projects to do around here. This may also have something to do with that urge they call nesting, what ever it is it's been fun to see some improvements small though they be. This first one Mr. Tech helped with since it's was a bit out of my expertise, new lights in the kitchen!
Before... (and in progress)

I never did like the "chandelier" in the dining room as it wasn't centered with anything properly anyways, nor the cheesy gold fixtures in the kitchen. These lights finally "go" IMHO so I was excited to see this one done!

This next project was not in the plans but would have had to be done someday. The person who owned this house before us must have been some what of a do-it-yourselfer and was rather creative with some of his projects. One of them being that several inside door knobs have outdoor knobs on them with key locks to which the keys are long gone. If you have a two year old you may be able to see were this story is going.
This two year old ...
is very into locking locks at his stage of the game and happened to pick the bathroom door which is one of the long lost key locks. Mommy unsuspectingly walked out and closed it like usual and immediately realized there was a problem. After much searching in vain for said keys Mr. Tech had to pry the knob off. So when all was said and done we got new door knobs for several rooms in the house. Small changes but improvement none the less.

And this was my latest project...
Mr. Tech says I always get the urge to repaint some room not too long before the baby comes and there is some truth to this. With Phi is was the kitchen and with Leroy the bathroom, this time it was the livingroom's turn. I painted it a year or two ago but it was time for a change, it started with a border (it usually does) that I liked and got on sale.

The old color on the left and new on the right.

In progress...

Keeping the little men busy while the paint was drying between naps. Very thankful for good weather or it would have been a bit more of a challenge.

And the finished product...

I like it (for now anyways) ;) don't tell Mr. Tech I said that), he helped me put up the border this time, a job Aunt TeTe usually helps with. She was off to conference this time so I was very thankful for his help.

And since the weather's been so beautiful (off and on between rain and hail storms) we grabed some dinner and went out to the park last Friday evening before meeting. It's a private park so we had it all to ourselves other than the occasional tractor much to the boys delight.
Leroy snickering on the swings...

Mr. Tech enjoying the view...
And Phi's favorite, the big slide...

Keeping small men busy...
Phi loves to play in "da bubbows" and begins dragging the nearest chair in that direction as soon as he hears the dishes being done.

And Leroy... who's in to other things besides bubbles.

He finally started walking (when he feels like it) this last weekend. He also learned to drink from a straw...

he's quite proud of that one as you can see.

And currently our livingroom is an indoor jungle gym as we got a "new" to us, (thankyou Uncle M. and Aunt C.) queen mattress for the boys/guest room. The old double mattress is currently being enjoyed as a slide and climbing toy while we figure out what to do with it.

So 38 weeks and waiting... rather impatiently I'd have to say. Mr. Tech so these projects will stop :) I am just ready to meet this little person.. any time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This and That

Just for fun thought I'd post some pix of the everyday stuff from the last few weeks.

Phi is learning to ride his bike he got for his b-day, and is still finding the whole steer AND petal AND watch where you're going, idea to be a challenge.

Mommy's little helpers :)

Leroy mops...

while Phi takes care of the windows...

the spray bottle being the best part.

Of course Leroy had to get in on this one too.

Phi also takes care of all phone calls...:) this one looks a bit serious...

Ummm...I think someone needs to be strapped in next time.

This ones especially for you A. Debbie. Bring back any memories??
He happens to be dipping his rice chex in the butter. No, he didn't do more than one, but only because it wasn't allowed. Blah, I still don't see how plain butter taste that good.

"Helping" Bumpa and U. Dave fix a sink problem.

Lego Ferry's

which have very short life spans with Leroy around, both small men for that matter. Some how something created is so much more fun to destroy than just your average tower. Phi does play with them for a while but once the demolition is started it's too fun not to join. At least it entertains us all for a little while.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Time

It's officially here, we have blossoms and sunshine to prove it.



and daffodils

Forsythia blossoms

and Robins

And the best part of all though maybe pushing it a little Strawberry Shortcake


We got to walk to meet Daddy for lunch the other day and it was beautiful.

Later the little men got to play in the back yard to their hearts content a first for this year pretty much.

Yes, in bare piggies it was 70 or more.

Time for gardening

Enjoying the sunshine this morning just after breakfast before getting on with the day ie. getting dressed actually.

And at last Phi gets to practice on his bike.

Hope you're enjoying your sunshine as much as us!!!