Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week one...

A week and more have passed and it seems longer than that. Not because things aren't going well but because baby Jeffy has settled in with ease so far. Gramma and A. TeTe helped out for the first week either taking Phi and Leroy or being here with them, which gave me a good head start for a speedy recovery. Jeffy did have some tummy troubles the first four days and I was afraid he was going to be our first colicy one. But after finally clearing his little system of meconium (those first tar like diapers) he totally relaxed and since then has been giving us 4 to 5 hours at night. Yay! The boys really seem to be enjoying him and still find what ever he's doing facinating.
Here's a few pictures from the first week.


...with Daddy

Our little peanut...

a bit of growing room...

"Ahh, this is the life."

He smiles already at random, but I haven't been able to catch it well on camera yet.
There's that dimple I was talking about.

Everything's so new and different he spends his awake time just looking around, taking it all in.

There's the dimple sneakin' in again, not sure what we're thinking here!?!

Life so hard to figure out sometimes!!

Holding little brother for Mommy. :)

And since mommy's busier these two are in search of some new methods of entertainment.

Aren't we stylish!!


Of course if big brother does it Leroy must try it too.

He hasn't knocked any teeth out so far!?

Thanks for all your comments and congrats!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

At long last...


Marcus Jeffrey
8 lbs 7 oz. 20 1/4 inches long

He was born at home Friday morning at 8:46 a.m. with the help of 3 wonderful midwives. It was amazing to be in your own environment and they were much more attune and supportive to what is going on than either of our other birth experiences which were both in hospital. We are very thankful for them!!

And now we are three ;)

10 little toes

5 little fingers which are very long and dainty for a little man.

Phi has been talking about the baby coming for the last few months and I didn't know if he really knew what he was saying or not. But when they got here Friday afternoon he came in all apprehensive (he doesn't take change or new situations too well) and upon seeing mommy with the baby wanted nothing to do with him or me and quickly asked to hold grandma. But after playing for 20 minutes and seeing grandma and Aunt TeTe hold baby brother he marched over to the couch and was ready to hold him. After a minute or two he was done and went strutting off quite pleased with him self. :)

Big brother Leroy was and is quite fascinated by him. He finds it quite amusing that little brother's hands wave around and will randomly grab his, and the fact that this dolly makes squeaks and squawks.

An unwilling model of the hat Chatty made for his oldest brother when he was born.

And his first visitors, Aunt TeTe

And Amma

And Miss Kate and her Mommy and Daddy who just made it into town the evening before he arrived.

Mommy and her boys

The boys have been at Bumpa and Amma's for the last few days, they went over Thursday night when we thought something was starting. Contractions started and we called the midwives who came and hung out for a few hours and then the contractions stopped. I was very bummed thinking this was just another false start, the midwives went to dinner and came back while we took a walk but things still didn't pick up. So they all went home saying they thought they would be back. And they were right, with in the next three hours things picked up again and they were back to help through the night. We tried a birthing pool which really helped with the labor part but didn't actually give birth in it as it was keeping the contractions too far apart. It's been soo nice to just be home and have your own bed at night and not be bothered by anyone unless the baby wakes up.
First night with Daddy and Mommy
(finally one little eye open)

He really reminds me right now of his oldest brother at this age, but time will tell. When he's awake and squirming he has a very pronounced little dimple on the left cheek that will be quite cute if it stays. We're enjoying our newest little man and very thankful to the Lord for his safe healthy arrival. And thankful for Bumpa and Amma and Aunt TeTe who have been watching the other two little men for the last two days. The boys came home last night for the night and today since Daddy's here right now but will probably go back to Bumpa and Amma's tonight. It has been fun having them here getting used to having three, and so far has gone smoothly though I'm sure there will be those moments. It's nice to be able to work up to it gradually. Phi has been wanting to include him in his toys and offering him his food at meal times and wanting to hold him off and on. Leroy regards him as his newest source of entertainment and so far has been pretty careful but will definitely bare watching when together.

And me... I can finally bend over again and of course feel 20 pounds lighter it's been imposible to stay in bed for the recomended 3 days. We are being careful and doing very well.