Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week G

We had a busy week again and didn't focus as well as we could have on our letter, but we still fit it in here and there. The most exciting part is a special Guest we've been enjoying having around for the last week. I should probably say Girl as she won't be a Guest around here in a few months.

She's not staying at our house but we've gotten to see her plenty and it's been such fun!

An side on the word Girl, Phi is trying to understand gender differences and will ask periodically of me, "Are you a girl?" "Are you a Wooman?" "Is Daddy a man?" "Am I a Boy?" "Am I getting bigger,bigger, bigger?" That's his version of growing up. Sometimes he'll throw in, " Are you a Lady?" To which I answer, "rarely". JK

We had a hard time with food again for G. Grapes would be an obvious one but this is not a good time of year to find Good Grapes. So we scrounged around and came up with Guacamole.

And we dipped pretzels in Ganoche, this one was just an excuse to eat chocolate. The word cracks me up as I just recently became aware of it but we've been making it for years... I just never knew you were supposed to call it anything but chocolate sauce.

Our cutting exercises,

and tracing. Curving lines, just in time for G.


Goofballs and Giggles

And then I dug out my Guitar that I never learned to play well and let them play around with it.

Phi loved that one of course.

And our Garbage truck that we put a G sticker on that lasted a brief amount of time.

Also had a Golf ball with a G written on it. Phi calls it a "loudy ball" as it makes quite the noise if you drop it and let it bounce down the hall on wood floor. Much to their delight.

Our verse: GOD is love. 1 John 4:16
When I'd ask Phi what his verse for this week was the first thing off his tongue was, "God loves". We had to work to get the 'is' in there, but he wasn't wrong anyway.

While we were at Chatty's house we read her fun little book about a baby Goat who is a little boys friend, with lots of fun pictures. It came at the perfect time as, after hearing of some Goats that he (Phi) had never seen, but that reside at Grandpa and Grandma's neighbor's that made strange noises for bleats he declared he didn't like Goats. After reading Chatty's story he at least understood what one was and that they weren't all strange animals. Though he still tells me every so often, "I don't like Goats I just like sheeps."

We spent the week reading through the story of Gideon in Judges 6 and Phi again found it quite interesting . The fact that seemed to most stick in his mind was that Gideon was scared. But, we always added, he still trusted the Lord and that's what mattered.
We sang the "Brave Gideon" song from the sunday school book, over, and over, and over...

We learned about Giraffes, Gorillas and Grasshoppers for animals and bugs. And saw our Gold Finches in the feeder most days. It's been a Great week and we can't wait to Greet the next one!! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Week F

Week F was Filled with Fun! :D
It started off with a breakfast of French toast.

We were treated to a display of some of God's handy work when these little Finches joined us for breakfast at the Feeder outside our window.

Soon it was a Feeder Full of Finches...

And then I moved too quick and we were treated to a Feeder Full of Frightened Finches and Flying Finches. :D

Here's Phi's F (the big one on the right side of the page, the other one is mine)

We also headed out to Grandpa and Grandma's house to explore their Forest! We found a lot of "F"s there. On the way out we were driving through a school zone and Phi calls from the back seat, "Mom, can we go Faster." :) so we picked an F outta there.


Fallen trees

Ferguson and Frozen water.

with ice Formations.

More Fallen trees and Ferns and Frozen water

We then Followed Phi through the Forest to Find Ferguson and Grandma's house.

We were also treated to a Flicker that happened into the Feeder while we were there.

We looked at a book about baby animals that had Fawns and ...


That evening after Daddy got home we went and had some Fries...

And Frozen yogurt.

Then after a stop at the pet store we came home with this little guy. A Betta Fish whom we've named Lukey, as that's been a favorite name of Phi's for a while. ( No we are not working up to P is for Puppy, and K is for Kitty, pets are fun but not at this stage in our lives. )

Lukey the Fish swimming happily in his corner. He has been a most easy going little fellow.

We hope we can keep him that way.

We also took some time to go see the Forklift that resides at Daddy's work.

Forklift Full o' boys.

With the Kumon workbooks I ordered, was one for learning tracing. Phi has really enjoyed it, and since we have to write his name at the top of every page he has almost learned to do it on his own. This is his first attempt, I told him which letter to write and he wrote it with out assistance other than the box lines.

The way they have them trace is by going from one object to the next. In the picture below he was to go from one dog to the next which ends him up with a zigzagging line. We've been doing it for almost two weeks and I've found that he can draw words if I make dots in the appropriate places and tell him which way to go. He seems to click with the way they teach in these books so they've been a great addition to our little routine.

For some FUN at the end of our week we headed up for a weekend with Chatty and the Mr.
We made a stop for more Fun at Cabela's in Lacey, WA. (the world's Foremost outfitter)
They have Fish in a huge aquarium.

A little Frontiers man we found.

and these awesome displays of Forest animals (but we'll have to save more of that for another post)

Up at Chatty and the Mr.'s we had Fun, but poor Petra not so much, she wanted to play so bad. :(

Here is our Farm and Fence that we built with Chatty's legos and animals, it even had a Funny little Farmer.

So our verse was: From everlasting, to everlasting, THOU art GOD. Psalms 90:2

We read the parables about the man who had 100 sheep and lost one and went to Find that one sheep, and when he Found it, he brought it home rejoicing to his Friends and neighbors. Also the women who finds the money, Peter finding the money in the Fishes mouth and the disciples who fished all night and caught no fish. We watched a quick Youtube video of some Pink Flamingos. I never had seen them, other than lawn ornaments, they are very unique creatures. Phi was in the bath tub the other day and said he was a Pink Flamingo. We were going to make a blanket Fort but didn't get to that one yet. So on to week G it is.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week E

We finished E last week and are still enjoying ourselves. It is this little mans letter, although we didn't get to see him in person, Phi loves to pick out his letter, his daddy's letter and Kate's letter on his alphabet chart. Little Mr. Elliott.

The attempt at drawing an E.

I ordered a few workbooks that were on sale at and this is one of them, Phi loves it of course.

It came out perfect that one of the exercises this week was a tug-o-war game when it was all cut out. So we learned about Ends. "This End is your End, this End is my End". Whoever got the piece of scotch tape in the middle won the match.

We also worked on Enter and Exit, boy style.

And then for easier repetition.

We of course had Eggs

And Aunt Deb gave us the idea and recipe for English muffins which we tried making for the first time with some success.

Our classy English muffin cutteroutter. :D

Phi's favorite part, sprinkling the cornmeal on them.

Almost done.

And a finished product hot of the press.

We also did some Egg carton critters for a craft who were respectively named Enoch and Ezekiel.

We learned about Elk, Elephants, Earthworms and Eagles for animals. Eyes, Eyebrows, Eyelids,Eyelashes, Ears, and Epidermis for body parts. We attempted to understand the meaning of Eternity, and Everlasting.We finished up our D week's Creation story with Adam and Eve in Eden. Phi loved the story about Elijah in 1 Kings 17 being fed by the Ravens. Our verse was: Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right. Proverbs 20:11 And we sang it too, along with Everyday with Jesus.

Two funny quotes from the week:

Phi leaning over a chair upside down: "Hey Mom, I'm upside-over"

Phi looking around for his younger brother: " Where is our bruder Leroy?"

On to week F we go, and we'll see what that brings.