Monday, March 30, 2009


is almost gone and looking back it was a full month too. Aside from the every day goings on we got to see Miss Kate again for a week. We've scored this year on seeing her (and her Daddy and Mommy) once every month so far which is pretty good since they live 5 hours away.
While she and her mommy were in town Mr. Tech had to go to Alaska for most of that same week so we decided to do something fun. We tried out the OMSI Science Center for toddlers and it was a blast. They have so much to do it kept little minds busy exploring, trying, and creating for hours, it was fun to watch them have so much fun.
This was a very large squirrel den (those are the acorns) and it kept these little men busy for a while as mr. organized (Phi) kept putting the acorns back in the holes and other kids kept pulling them out. Leroy just enjoyed the put em' in pull em' out process.

A creativity room were they could do a craft or just play play dough with all sorts of shapes and utensils.

And a water exhibit the most exciting for little people. You could splash, dump it out on the floor, and pretty much everything you wouldn't be allowed to do at home and it didn't matter cause they had water proof aprons and rubber boots on and the system just keeps recycling the water.

One side was a stream with pretend water critters.

The 1 and under area was divided from the other areas partly with this fish tank .

Leroy had never felt sand before and this sand was so clean and white he kept running it through little fingers and thankful didn't attempt to taste it.

Grandma and Leroy

Hhmm what next..

It was a great place to spend an afternoon and the kids would have stayed hours more. Even with the three or four hours spent there they didn't do everything there was to do.

Back at Bumpa' and Gramma's a pile of cousins

We spent several afternoons there since Daddy was out of town.
Playing in the sand box and keeping an eye on Ferguson the dog.
This photo cracks me up because of the opposite expressions on the boys faces,
Phi's look of anxiety and Leroy's of glee.

Leroy playing in the sand and dirt and loving it.

Phi was excited enough to use his shovel and wheel barrow that he endured for awhile being outside with Ferguson running around. Hopefully with time he'll come to realize dogs aren't that bad.

Leroy and Ferg saying "Hi"

We got A. Susie for the week Daddy was gone much to Phi's delight and she has been helping out often since I hadn't been feeling so well. Now he wakes up expecting to see A. TeTe walk in the door every morning.
So that was the first half the month, the last half we've spent around the house recouping, looking forward to spring weather, which so far has been mostly rain but at least we have daffodils!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Roller Coasters and Rascals

Wow, where have these two months gone?? So much has passed I suppose trying to post about all of it in picture form would be a little over whelming. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary Jan 28th, we're counting years with kids just so we don't lose track. JK!
We had a fun trip to Miss Kate's house somewhere in there.

Leroy exploring the possibilities.
Sharing sippies.

And Chocolate dipped pretzels, the best part.
(Guess what we had for lunch dessert today after seeing this picture)

Oh what fun!

All our January and one February birthday people.

Leroy admiring the candles with the delicious dinner that A. Jenn served still on his face.

A. Jenn is one of Phi's favorite people and the first name he learned to say ( "aunt Denn") aside from Leroy's.

Mid February was the weekend at Mt Baker Lodge, a fun and encouraging time.

The car riding deer

Cousin antics

For some reason these two find it great entertainment to tell each other "no" very adamantly and then laugh at each other.

Then came the fun boat trip with Chatty and The Mr.

Heading out on a beautiful morning.

Phi's reaction to the whole boating experience.

We realized later that he was probably not feeling so great either. He had a fever that was coming and going at random so it was hard to tell he was sick. Leroy got it once we got back home, temp of 104 and it wouldn't go down even on Tylenol. The doctor said to mix Tylenol and Motrin and that finally brought it down. Poor guys, though that along with a bad cold and cough shortly there after have been our only real sicknesses this winter for which we are thankful. Anyway back to the boat trip...

Phi not wanting to stay on the boat after waking up in the cabin.

Enjoying the rocks and water with Chatty at Sucia Island.

It's a whole different world looking back at the shore from out there, very cool.

February 21 st Leroy turned 1! This was his cake as "woof woof" is his favorite (and only) animal sound. He loves animals the way Phi loved trucks at this stage, and is not afraid of most dogs even though they are twice his size.

I failed to get any cake eating pictures, though he thoroughly enjoyed his cake and was heart broken when I took it away so there would still be some for the rest of us to enjoy.

His gift from Daddy and Mommy.

He also got a fun doggie that sings 8 different nursery rhyme type songs. We stuck more with the imaginative type toys with Phi and I've been amazed to notice just since Leroy's b-day where he got several of the these toys that "interact" how much Phi has suddenly started talking. He can put together complete thoughts now though there is still some guess work involved as D's and B's stand in for a lot of letter sounds. Bumpa and da Ban being Grandpa and the van, a favorite subject of Phi's. He can or will finally copy pretty much any word we say, communication is such fun.
This little man is still crawling, by choice mostly, he's our little worrier and though he's taken up to 5 steps at a time to get to his beloved U. AJ he prefers to crawl. He is getting better about walking with a hand to hold though which is great since baby #3's arrival is estimated to be about 4 weeks away! He just started waving byebye and making a singsong noise to go along with it, his version I guess. Favorite word currently is a toss up between "uh oh" and "uh un". He can stand up from the middle of the floor gets sturdier every day so I'm looking forward to when he actually decides walking is the way to go. Two of his unfavoritest foods would be cottage cheese and macaroni noodles (not served together) other wise he loves food in general.

Hey, has any one seen some sunshine lately??

We'd love to go out there and play...

At's been a long winter!!

This was a gift to Phi from Bumpa and Amma back in January and he's been impatiently waiting to use it ever since.

Leroy loves the out of doors.

Hopefully soon we'll get to our month of March which has also flown by. In amongst all this Mommy's had low iron levels, which mean low or zero energy and also effect the emotions and how you deal with every thing. That's the roller coaster part and we want off soon... We are really looking forward to this little ones arrival lets just say.