Friday, September 19, 2008

Some quick Pix

Of our CA trip two or maybe three weeks ago now. My Luv had school in Irvine where we stayed at the Atrium Hotel. I and the boys spent a bit of time pool side in the after noons after walking the mile and a half to meet Daddy for lunch in the mornings. It was great to get exercise!
We flew in on a Saturday morning so after checking in we headed to the beach which was a mere 20 minutes from the hotel. We ended up at Huntington Beach and couldn't figure out why it would be soo crowded that there was no parking lots open. Later after reading more we found out it's Surf City the place to be. This is the wharf there and it's supposed to be the longest in the nation at least maybe the world, I can't remember. There were lots of kite boarders as it was quite windy...

as you might notice from Leroy's hair... :0)

Phi wasn't altogether sure about the sand at first as it's much courser than our OR beaches but he got used to it, until he got wet and then it rubs your legs raw.

Sunday we got to go to Shadow Hills All day Mtg. were we met Glenda as I mentioned before. (Very neat!) After wards we went to supper with the Weavers and a grandson of theirs that was visiting. We went to a Thai place which was very good and a first time having Thai food for me. It was great! After wards we stopped in at the Trim families home for a visit and a bit of ice cream. It was fun to get to visit and than we had the hour or so drive back to Irvine. In Shadow Hills in was in the 100s temperature wise but when we got back to Irvine being nearer the ocean it was much cooler.
Here's the view of the pool off our deck.
Phi loved the water and by the end of the week I had stopped at Target and gotten a floaty toy that folded up nice and flat ( so it'd fit in the suit case).

Leroy even got in a few times!

One of the days we went to the beach for a morning while Daddy was in class. We headed for Laguna Beach this time and found a little place down a back street called Woody' Cove.

Being from OR I was a mazed at the house built just above the beach on the cliffs..

If this were OR they would have slid into the ocean long ago. The cliff stone must be some pretty sturdy stuff here.

We got a little sandy

Watched the life guard come settle himself in his tower.

saw a few boats go by

The cliffs were neat they looked like you should be some where tropical.

Then we headed back to Irvine for lunch taking the back roads through the hills.
It was funny to be able to be at the beach for the morning and back in town (while you never leave some sort of town) for lunch time.
In N Out was the favorite while we were there for lunch since we don't have them here and My Luv likes them.

Ha Ha! Stickers.

One evening while waiting for Daddy we toward the grounds of the building were he was in school. They were quite amazing!Beautiful flower!

Unique landscape..

To go with the building I guess.

And much to keep a small man entertained for a good hour or so.

Enjoying our starbucks (Phi's sampling a Sorbetto)

It was a fun time and we were glad to be home again after a week away.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


While I was busy this morning trying to catch up on our receipts from last month, Phi was being nice and quiet in the other room. Too quiet *warning sign but, I think, it can't be anything too bad. I finish my project and go out to see what he's up too. The diaper bag is on the table and he is sitting in the chair next to it with this gum pack in his hand and lots of empty little wrappers around him. Of course he quickly shoves it back in the pocket it belongs in when he sees Mom coming and thats where I find even more wrappers. Blaa! 7 pieces of gum, he ate them all!! So gross. I called Wrigley just to be sure there wasn't an over dose you could get from it. Nope just lots of nice minty smelling diapers and maybe a belly ache for a while.

We're Back!

We've been running hither and yon for the last few weeks and I think things are finally slowing down (maybe, if I say that some thing is sure to come up.) We were in Irvine California for a week while My Luv went to school for work. We ended up in Shadow Hills for their All day meeting and got to meet Glenda and her kiddos. It was like meeting a friend since we've been reading each other's blogs for awhile now. Anyway we came home to peaches to be canned and apples to be made into apple sauce and beans to be picked and canned from some friends garden. My Luv's back has been having problems since he got home so has had multiple visits to the chiropractor. And then the Beach get together was this last weekend and to make it a little more complicated we decided to camp with Dave and Jenn at Nehalem Bay for Friday night. So fun and the weather was perfect. I have picture from some of this that I'd love to share so will try to post those some time soon. Today we're off to have lunch with Grandma Cedarland whose in town visiting and has a birthday this month. After that the pears are ripe at the these guys farm and they are graciously sharing them again this year, so we hope to go pick some for canning. That pretty much sums up the last few weeks hopefully there will be pictures to follow soon.