Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring time at the Zoo

We were able to make it to the Zoo for $4 Tuesday yesterday. Not wanting to ride in the school bus this time we didn't get there until 1:00 and got to park in the zoo parking lot. We were thankful for lovely spring sunshine! Since most of the animals we saw were from Asia or Africa I'm sure they were grateful to finally have sunshine too! Phi walked the whole time and Aaron was at the stage where he preferred the stroller and was unsure of the animals. Phi was in that stage last year. It's interesting to recognize some of the stages they go through since they're close enough in age I can still remember when the other one "did that". Any way, on to the pictures and hopefully (if I can get it to load right) one video for you. Kate and Tay-O, we hope you can go with us some time when you're here, for now here's a "through the lens" tour!!

One of the polar bears was splashing in their pool...

playing with a big rubber toy.

Mean while his buddy was hanging out in the shade on his tummy showing off his big bear feet

The tiger was pacing back and forth, back and forth by the doors in his cage looking like he was waiting for his lunch from his keeper.

These little gazelles were Phi's favorite, tho" they were just minding their own business eating grass and leaves. We talked about how they can run really fast, fast enough to get away fro a cheetah! (Which always reminds me of Dave Ramsey's visual of credit card advertisers and debt being the cheetah and we've got to be the gazelle getting away. HA! guess that one stuck with me)

And the Hornbills who were just enjoying the sun on their black feathers on a log.

The giraffe was again indoors.

But Leroy found it interesting that it was drinking water.

This coolest lizard looked like it should be a fake stuffed one, but, it was cruising around it's cage hoping on rocks and such like, very much alive.

This lone zebra was grazing in the sunshine.

We at least got to see the hippos' faces this time and their funny little ears. Leroy like their "little" tails.

The lions were not doing more than sunning them selves on the rocks. This was just fine with Phi who was hoping they wouldn't roar. The male remind us of Gramma's Dandy lion story with his scruffy mane.

It was Julabeans first trip to the zoo at 10 weeks. She slept most the time and was a very patient little lady and waited the whole 3 hours to eat till we made it back to the van.

Sorry the video would not load, grrr. Maybe when Mr. Tech gets back we can get it on here.