Saturday, May 14, 2011

A month in pictures...

At the end of April we were able to visit the Woodburn tulip fields in bloom. They were amazingly beautiful, as usual!

And given all the rain we've had, the boys had a blast!

We came semi prepared with rubber boots

and boy did they have fun.

Although, it looks as tho' there is such a thing as too much mud.

I guess, not as long and you're bigger than it is.

Why else would there be ditches between every row, besides for jumping over?!

Uncle AJ and Aunt Ruth came along,

as well as Grampa and Gramma.

The diversity of color never ceases to amaze me!

On the first of May, Jeffy, (whom we more often call Bugs these days) turned 2!

We got to celebrate at Uncle Dave's house, which was great fun.

As it was Uncle Dave's birthday, 2 days before Bugs.

Juls getting a "ride" in the wagon from Grampa.

She made the 3 month mark at the end of April.

"My Sweetness"
one of her many nick names.

Chubby toes so fun to munch on!!

Investigating her brother Leroy's offerings for play things.

New shoes!!

Happy Mother's Day, which we enjoyed at Uncle AJ and Aunt Ruth's

Mom and her two granddaughters

Two cousins waiting for Uncle Dave to hurry up and come in.

Our Monday night laundry pile, which we tackle while listening to recorded ministry, or something motivational !!

The boys view of their Dad :)

And some sunshine at last, which has the kiddos in the yard most days!!

"Pride goeth...

before a fall"...
when your brother backs up in the truck you're standing on.
(tho' he landed quite safely from this one)

And right now we're in the middle of a rather horrible throw -up flu , which this small man started for us. He was actually in the middle of it when I took this picture tho' you'd never guess. He was starting to come out on the topside after having lost it at least 6 times over the course of 9 hours.

I didn't feel quite so chipper when I got it two days later. :P Mr. Tech got a light version yesterday night and now Phi's down with it today. So far Leroy and Beans are holding out!! It seems to be catchy for up to two weeks after you have it, so we will probably be laying low for a while here. So, that's another month in the life of the Soares. Plenty happening, not so much time to stop and think about it.

I read this in an old book from the 1800's the other day, and found it "food" for thought:

"Time is so precious, that there is never but one moment in the world at a time, and that is always taken away before another one is given." Hawes


Debbie said...

Thanks for all the cute pics. The boys and their puddle jumping looks like something our kiddos would LOVE to do...we just don't have that much mud around here. :)
Julabeans is looking so grown up and SO sweet. :)
It hasn't been so long since we had our flu bug...the unpleasant memories are still somewhat fresh. :\ I hope you guys all get over it soon. I felt like I needed a week to recover by the time it finished with all of us.

Sjo said...

Yes, our mud comes naturally here without much hunting. Most days lately I know if I send the boys outside they're sure to return with mud some where on them. Juls is "suddenly" seeming all growed up as she moves into the 6 months size clothes and doesn't seem so babyish any more. Tho' she is still quite small in the scheme of things. We are pretty much done with the flu as of today and looking forward to the week ahead with health and well being. A. never got it or Juls and hopefully that's how it stays!!! Hope your having a great day! And as a FYI, Tayo is missing out in your "signature" picture in my comments.

The Chatty Housewife said...

The tulip field photos are so good! I love the first one, it is so beautiful. The mud splashing ones are great action shots.

Your little girl is changing so much! I can't believe how big she has grown, we need to get together before she gets any older! :) She is now looking so much like Phi, are their personalities similar?

I hope you guys are over the flu and that your Mt. Washmore is looking shorter. :) Hugs.

NaomiG said...

Love the last quote, so very true.

And all the pics are great! Mud is such a wholesome toy. :-) Even if it does lead to gobs and gobs of laundry. :-)

Little Miss J is SO big! And so very cute.

Sjo said...

Chatty- Yes we are done with the flu and Juls didn't get it, praise the Lord. HA, Mt. Washmore. It is currently gone only to appear again next Monday night. Some days sorta feel "hamster in a wheelish." But at least I get to be home with kiddos enjoying them!!!

Naomi- Yes, being from Oregon we gotta love mud!!